Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings fellow people!

How are you doing? So.... Its been long since I posted anything. I am back in Karachi now Alhumdulillah and basically lazing around (reason for no-pictorial-post) and sleeping and eating. So I decided I should interact and post something, how ever small it may be.
This is a self-obsessed post which means you will get to know some completely random facts about me.

  • I love Great Britain's accent. I can literally sit and listen to them all day.
  • One day, I would like to visit Turkey and Australia and Venice.
  • I LOVE roaming around the house in my PJ's.
  • My favorite T-shirt is the biggest one I have got (and the softest one).
  • When something is super nice I use the word 'best-est' for it, which, I know is completely wrong but... I use it anyway.
  • I shiver really bad when surprised.
  • I dont say out loud what I feel but I write, which is more intense then saying out loud.
  • I love having those deep, intense and meaningful conversations with some of my family members and my best friends.
  • I write random stuff and expect to read it after years and laugh on it, but what happens is, when I read my old stuff now, I get embarrassed AND say this alot 'Seriously?'.
  • I get obsessed with colors for a while and in that while most of the things I have are of that color. These days its Royal Blue by the way.
  • I LOVE kids.
  • I REALLY DONT LIKE airplanes, flights, airports. I hate goodbyes. I dont like long, boring flights (they dont even serve nice food most of the time)
  • As much as I say I love food, I dont eat as much.
  • My best friend has crazy plans for my future.
  • I love recieving letters, like, hand written letters.
  • Hand-made things attract me more then anything else. It is a gesture of the fact that a person is so caring they made something for you themselves.
  • I cry even during animated movies like Lion King. I cry while reading too. It looks like my tears are just waiting to come out!
  • I love when I get to watch a really cool series with my family. We've watched so many together like One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, House MD and Castle.

That's that. Hope you have a good week and a great weekend!
Sending Smiles your way! :)