Saturday, 23 June 2012

My Story Of Becoming A Hijabist And What I Have to Face.

Yes, I want to share what being hijabist is and how do people reflect to it...
I am ALHUMDULILLAH a hijabist which means I cover my whole body except my face, hands and my feet. This is a 'Farz' (duty)  by my religion. I'm proud of it.
It is the hijab that makes me feel secure, it is the hijab that makes me confident, Hijab makes me feel more special as a woman. I have'nt been a hijabi from a really long time, But when I started it, I have made a firm promise, to myself and to my GOD that I no matter what, will Never ever abandon it, I will not take it off EVER, INSHALLAH!
I've not seen many people who start hijab by themselves. There are few. Most people I know who practice hijab because their so-and-so asked them to. They do it as sincerely as anyone else but what my point is that their reasons were not their feelings from inside. It was'nt their own will.It was'nt their own motivation from their own hearts. Mine ALLHUMDULILAH is. Someone, whom I respect ALOT did give me knowledge about it and told me all about it, It was my teacher who knew that teacher is also responsible for their students' personality grooming ( It's something teachers have forgotten now). She used to teach us not only her subject but also how to live. There were times when we used to ask her that we don't want to study So If she could please please give us a lecture on other stuff or to start a class discussion! (we were spoilt by her love :D ) And She, with all her love used to give us a nice lecture. Sometimes it was about hijab, Sometimes it was about what are roles of woman in Islam and Sometimes it used to be about what steps you should take if someone is trying to harass you!
I was young that time when she used to tell us about hijab and all the thing. I didnot pay attention to it then. But everything got Saved in my mind. It was after 3 WHOLE YEARS that something from deep inside me, woke up. I started questioning my self. I started asking myself.
I questioned myself that Why dont I cover my head when I never wear short sleeves or capri's or any short or tight dresses? It is the only thing left to do! then Why don't I do it?!!
Then one fine day I was going to a cousin's marriage, I asked myself Should I start it now?! I was still so confused about it. ( even when I was'nt a Hijabi I used to cover my head during traveling or on shopping). I asked one of my cousins (who practices hijab herself) She looked at me and Said 'You're asking someone who's already a hijabi, why would I say no if you're trying to do something good! Start from today and don't you worry about anything'. THAT was a moment! That was the second I Started hijab and Promised my self never to leave it. THAT was the Moment ALLAH blessed me with his mercy and I'll be forever thankful to HIM!

    On one hand hijab does make me feel special and all but on the other hand, people look at me like I just got out of their houses after cleaning their loos. Seriously, people sometimes do give me the looks where they tell me 'Oh you'r a low level crap because you cover your head'
This usually happens at a place where there are upper class gatherings and girls with sleeveless dresses and iphones in their handsmove when they see someone wearing a hijab near them and guys with levi's and dolce and gabbana shirt and jeans turn their faces and either laugh or get sarcastic about my hijab. My question is: Why can't people respect hijab and hijabist? just because my head is covered does not mean I'm a low life freak and I know nothing! Donot under estimate anyone with even talking to them. Why are people so mean?! I wear Hijab and I'm not respected. I open my hair and flaunt them everywhere and I'm respected..!!! Excuse me people what level are you on? You Shold respect a person no matter what they're wearing and what they're doing. Why do you discriminate and judge on these stupid reasons?! Who are you to even judge?! It hurts. You know, It really hurts!

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!


  1. congratulations on becoming a hijabi! this is really a courageous and brave decision you have made. just ignore all those who stare at you or make fun of you, because in the afterlife they won't be laughing at all. ;)

  2. Thankyou Furree...!! Hahahaa Yes, they won't be :D

  3. Most Of This Is Due To Their Unawareness From Islam, I Mean, Most Of Us Have Driven Ourselves Away From It And Started To Live In A Shell Where We Don't Follow It Anymore. Of Course Everybody's Gonna Laugh On A Person Who's Following Islam. If A Person Tries To Follow Islam, Either Their Friends Won't Let Em Or They'll Be To Shy Of "Log Kya Kahain Ge".

    People Say Whatever, You Keep Rolling Like You Are Now.

    People Who Are Forced To Do Things Like These Are Not Any far Either, At Least They're Doing It? Once A Person Starts Doing It, Allah The Almighty Gives Them Hope And WIll Himself. Just Like You Have To Force A 7 Year Old To Go For Namaz.

    You've Got My Full Respect On This, Don't Ever Feel A Little Bit Of Low Because Of Other People. You See, There Are Good And [Less Good] People Everywhere. There Are A Lot Of People Who'll Respect You For This Deed, Moreover You Will Respect Yourselves For Doing This.
    Please, Keep On Going Like This. :)

    1. thankyou for this appreciation, seriously means alot- :)

      Sometimes I have to face criticism even from family... Sometimes, I dont understand what world wants, I mean When you're too open or forward, people will taunt and if you are on the right path people will STILL say stuff I mean..... urghh...!!

    2. In That Case, If Your Family Goes A Little Against Your Act [The Act Which Is A Duty] You Should Try To Change Your Family's Mind.

      + Don't Forget That People Just Want To Criticize You, No Matter What You Do, No Matter How Good You Become. People Will Criticize You Even If You Do Good, Even If You Do Bad. You Should Probably Ignore Them And Never Give A Thought To Their Talk Of Misery.

  4. I do try changing their minds, but Criticism or anything, I'm firm on my grounds!
    Yea, people just need to SAY IT OUT LOUD :S

  5. I completely agree with you. When a person tries to follow the right path, they find many people who are sitting ready to criticize them. Even i dont understand why people think that exposing your body is modern and a good thing to do. then we can say that animals are the most modern of all cuz their whole bodies are exposed. Ap kitnay bhi achay ban jao logon ko khujli hi rahay gi. The only reason those people act the way they do is that they are far far away from islam.

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    1. I Sure will and yes, right you say!

  7. congratulations on becoming a hijabi!
    i am hijabist too for about 2 years. but i do it for going to uni or shopping or anywhere i go in my cite. for long traveling i didn't use hijab but few weeks ago i go on my cousin's marriage in my village with hijab. everyone who knew me come to me and says"kya ho gea he tumhen? kuch ziada hi Islami ho gai ho" my question on this condition is that "to becoming Islami is wrong???"

    you are right that Sometimes we have to face criticism even from our family... but we haven't any answers for all this...

  8. your all posts are awesome. congratulations on having such a nice blog.
    best wishes.
    must must mine.

    1. Thankyou for dropping by, I'll check out your blog soon! :)

  9. Masha Allah. Good to see Muslims are coming back towards Islam more and more, day by day.


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