Saturday, 21 September 2013

How do you all Vent out? Make your frustrations go away? Make your brain start to work again? Tell your heart it ain't a big deal?
Just tell me, How do you do that?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Words, phrases, sentences...
Made of simply some alphabets and spaces.
Yet, so powerful, so huge, making a difference.
Words, making you
Words, breaking you
Words, cheerful ones
Words, stabbing your heart
Words, having so many dimensions to them
Words, having so many different meanings
Words, making your day
Words, breaking your heart
Words, that are heard
Words, left unsaid...

Blessed Life!

Nothing better then bunking chemistry class and sneaking off to the canteen and eating LOTS of junk with your best friend and in the end, giving the last bite to your best friend because you are too full to even breathe!
Life is a bliss, Alhumdulillah!!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Never-Land By Ridx!

Take me to Neverland. 

Hello everyone. I am not really fond of writing guest posts. In fact, this is the first time I am writing the guest post. Here I am because Rafya insisted me to write one for her and above all, she is an awesome adorable person and a good friend of mine. There you go!

I don't want to grow up.
I hope you understand that this world is a messy place and sometimes I can't help about thinking of growing up which gives me goose bumps. Even the idea of getting into a university - about which I was quite passionate about sounds creepy to me. All I want to do is cuddle in my mum's arms and feel infinitely secure.
I want to resign so bad from the overwhelming burden of being an adult.
I declare a break from drooling over grey's anatomy and get back to Cinderella, Mulan and Powerpuff Girls.
I am shunning my course books and engrossing myself in story books.
No champagne, Chocolate Milk is the only drink I am going to gulp down.
Enough of the dieting plan (Well I never had a dieting plan. Just pretending to have one) and counting calories,  I am going to devour pizza, chocolate coated strawberries, pineapples with whipped cream, and all the healthy and happy stuff.
Screw the phone, hotmail and facebook, I am considering to scribble a diary with an inked leaf.
I am going to Blow bubbles and scatter the balloons all over the room.
Instead of a Big Mac, I am going to buy myself a happy meal.
I want to play hide and seek and buy heaps of candies.
Help me, Peter Pan?
Pretty Please, Take me to Never land.
Yours sincerely,
Dreamer, A child trying to survive in the world of grown-ups.
* * * * *

Fellow people, Ridx, my truly AMAZING friend wrote this gust post for me. I love this and In between these lines I find my self yearning for those very same things! Ridx is a totally awesome friend, you guys MUST check her blog out.. She writes at Miss Ridx.
She writes some cool things and her pictorial stories of how she spent her time are truly adorable. 
Thankyou Ridx for this favour, Hopefully soon, I'll be doing same for you!! And dude, you're love! <3 I totally appreciate you for doing this for me while you're so busy!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Happiness Overloaded.

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings!
These are the pictures of my Birthday. It was on the fourth. If you ask me how my birthday went, I'd say it was way beyond Perfect, Alhumdulillah! The most special thing was I got a wish and hug from the favorite person in the world. I got to hang out with my best friends. Laughed, enjoyed and loved.

Wishes coming true...


Party Popper!

Later I did this with the bouquet!

Oh I love gifts ;)

Look! Google wished me too!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I do not own this picture.

And A hug From Someone really very Special Is not just a good medicine, It's a magic! <3

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dream, Magic, Fairytale... Thankyou Teacher, for all of that!

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings!
                                               Wow.. this has been FANTASTIC weekend and start of yet another fantastic week. I got my teacher, Dr. Fakhrun-nisa to read my letter and she commented on two times and then in front of whole class, she said thankyou and she clapped for me and she hugged me and well...
It was a fairytale, I am still stuck in it!
I mean she commented on it and then she revisited to check if I'd read it or not. She is so NICE! I mean who really cares that much, I am just another student of her class but she did give me importance, she appreciated me and made me feel special. Thankyou, A HUGE thankyou to her for doing all of that.
It was all like a dream and it was all So magical. Now I really actually know what magic is!
That moment when she hugged me, when she held my hand and said good things should be shared and when she clapped for me in the class, with the whole class room clapping for me as well, It was all magic. Amazing magic.

I really hope it's just a beginning to something wonderful.

And now I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I did not wanted to go to this college but I had to. Now I know why I had to.

Thankyou For Doing all of this. I am SO honoured! I feel so lucky and blessed and.. Thankful to my GOD and To My Teacher for taking all of this so seriously and not treating it like just another thing. Thankyou for believing in me and appreciating me.Thankyou for the kind words you said in the class. I know I am so bad at expressing myself in person. So, words are here on this place that might express a tiny bit of what I feel. Thankyou!

Hope She visits this place again! :')

A HUGE Thankyou to my Best Friends for continously listening to my extra-excited-over-obsessed stories.
I know it would have all been so incomplete if I did not have you to listen to me while I could not distingiush between my own emotions! Thankyou for being there... Even though I do not thankyou guys enough and I am really not a humble person with you. So, thankyou for bearing me with those butterflies in my stomach stories! Ms. Khan And Ms. Zuberi thankyou very much.

Anddd on totally another note, I am enjoying my last day as a teenager *winks* :D

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Tonight's Thoughts

I know you all must probably be hating me for going on about this one same thing and the stupid small one lined posts. Excuse me. I am on a roller-coaster-too-much-excited-overly-obsessed-mode... But I hope to never come out of it, you all dearies will have to cope with it.

I think some people can make a huge difference in your life, probably even you would'nt have imagined how huge a difference can they make until they actually do...

I think some people are specially born and sent into the world to be angel for those around.

I think all I should be really doing is have gratitude and lots of respect in my heart.