Thursday, 12 October 2017

Fight With-in

"If you can't fight your inner demons, you cant lead a peaceful life."

                      There's a lot that bothers you, a lot that angers the deepest part of your soul, a lot that you really dislike, but the wisest act in all of these kinds of situations is that you do not always blurt it out. You do not always release all this negativity. Specially, if it is just over a petty little thing. Not everything is meant to be addressed. Not everything is meant to be confronted. Not everything is meant to be approached the moment you find a mistake in it.

                    Sometimes, someone's respect is more important then letting them know what were their mistakes.  Sometimes, it's important that you ignore, rather then build up flames for a really tiny missed detail.

                   Unfortunately, a lot of us forget that. Not everything should be said. It only brings disrespect on both ends. Sometimes, love and politeness corrects more mistakes then anger and attack. Not only that, it brings more respect in hearts. If everyone starts understanding this, the world will be a little more brighter.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Not Everyone Matters, Make Peace.

                                     After all these years and all this time, I've learnt that it doesn't matter if whole of the world isn't happy with you. It doesn't matter if everyone doesn't appreciate or respect. It's okay to leave those faces unhappy. Because the people who love you for who you are wouldn't need explanations. The people who are truly yours will not need clarifications. They will not doubt your actions for even a second. They know you, they know who you are and what you did. Even if somethings don't turn out the way they expected to, they will not need a single word to believe that all your intentions and all your efforts were right. The people who love you truly and fiercely, will always stand by you, even when you don't expect them to.
                        The rest of the world can go and create unnecessary dramas. I've learnt that the hard way. I've learnt that it's not necessary to roam around people who have their egos on the highest shelf. It's okay to not try hard to make everyone like you. It's okay to leave the frowning faces exactly like they are and move about with your own life. You were only put on earth to please God the Almighty and not people, whose only job is to judge you from far away and label you some names.

 You deserve peace. Learn to make peace.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Do You Dare

Do you dare, counting the stars,
While all you do is look at the moon?
Do you dare to crack open a smile,
While all you want to do is frown?
Do you dare to look at the glory,
While all you watch is a mess?
Do you dare to look at the change?
While all you see is consistency?
Do you dare to feel the warmth,
While all you do is curse the sun?
Do you dare to feel the magic,
While all you do is pass the minutes?
Do you dare?
No, you don't.
Because you're frightened of beauty.
You're frightened of the strengths.
But may be one day.
You'll look past your fears. 

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Men Being Equal to Women

                                       The day men learn women do not dream equality, will be the day a lot of things will sort themselves out. You see the problem here is, the egos of men, their pride, makes them think the women are trying to compete with them to be equal to them. Where as, woman, they just strive and struggle to be where they deserve to be. A place they could own with pride, understood and cared for. No smart woman wants to be equal to man.
                                     We know, who we are and where we stand, least it's not equal to man. We give you generations, we look after your children, we teach them life, more over, we look after you, that my fellows is far away from being 'equal' to you.
                                      Equal? No. Because two entirely different bodies made from entirely different substances can not be compared, hence, no question of being equal or not.
                                       You go glorifying man-hood with pain, they go glorifying themselves with love. You still don't understand: No equality needed.
                                        Men, made from blood and gore and women made from emotion. They're two different creatures. Women don't want to be equal to men, they just want to be beside men doing their own job, with pride, courage and dignity.
                                          I don't know from where does this question of women being equal to men came from, but this is utter non-sense. Men build houses and women make it home. Men give cash and women turn it into food. Men give emotions even they themselves don't understand, women turn it into love.
                                        So all you glorious men, next time someone tries to kill your man-pride by comparing two creatures, tell them: We're Incomparable!