Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Peshawar School Attack- Reasons, Facts and Islam

Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings,
                                                        Today, As I write these lines, my heart is hurting so bad and tears in my eyes are unstoppable. A heart wrenching incident shook the world yesterday, attack on APS (Army Public School) Peshawar. I live far away from that city, 1362 km approx, but it felt as if the pain traveled with the air. Each time I watched the news, each time I cried. When I, sitting miles away from the place of horrifying brutality, couldn't control my tears, I have no idea how those parents felt whose children were martyred. I can not imagine, when a distressed parent would hear the words of their child's death, what pains they went through. My heart-felt condolences to those families who suffered. 

The question arises, as to why were these attacks carried? What prompted those evils to kill innocent children? A rumor is that they were killed because they wanted to get education. NO, THAT WAS NOT THE REASON. This is a misconception.
The real reson is, there is currently an operation going on in Waziristan, located in north of Pakistan, called Zarb e Asb. The operation is against Taliban. These attacks were the result of that operation, it was a backfire from Taliban. Our hearts bleed. We are fighting the world's fight alone. We are bearing consequences of that fight. We are burned and killed and injured. Our souls have been stabbed, and yet when ever a Pakistani travels anywhere in the world, he is categorized as a terrorist, even though he himself is suffering from terrorism. This is not just our fight, we are fighting on behalf of the whole world. But we are not understood.

Now, let me tell you, whatever bullshit those taliban say, they are not Pakistanis, they are not Muslims and they are not humans either. There are so many misconceptions about Muslims and Islam because of those pathetic, heartless evils. 

Let me tell you all, what Islam really is and what it teaches.

Qur'an (The Holy Book of Muslims) states:

“Whoever kills a person [unjustly]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an, 5:32)

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) prohibited the killing of non-Muslims who have a peace treaty with the Muslims. He said:
“He who kills a non-Muslim (who has a peace treaty) shall not smell the fragrance of Paradise, and its smell is sensed from a distance as far as forty years journey.” [collected in Sahih al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Even in the battlefield, the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)  gave strict instructions and outlawed the killing of non-combatants and innocent civilians.

A Hadith ( saying of Beloved Prophet Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) Goes:

 "Fight in the name of God, but do not kill old men, children and women…” 
[collected in Sahih al-Bukhari]

Islam is the religion of peace and prosperity. It condemns brutality and wrongdoings , Specially regarding women and children. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) loved children very much, even on His deathbed, He said: Take care of your women and children.

I hope I have cleared misconceptions about Islam.
Those people who attacked school in Peshawar aren't even humans, let alone Muslims.

I would like to thank everyone who stood with us yesterday. Your words help us heal our wounds, knowing someone is with us.

Heart-felt prayers and condolences go out to the families who suffered and to the children who are alive but will remain mentally disturbed because of such a horrifying accident they went through. I am praying for you and will continue to do so for rest of my life. May ALLAH heal your wounds, lessen your pains and help you with your life ahead. Aameen.

Though I know your hearts will be stuck to that day, moving on are just words.

Despite of everything we have been through, we are all together. We stand stronger then ever and one day soon, we will see a happy and peaceful Pakistan. No one can ever bring it down. Each one of us will fight till our last breath for a better nation, for a better world.

May ALLAH bless us with peace on our lands and humanity in our hearts. Aameen

I hope I never have to write about such thing ever again.

Sending peace, love and prayers.


  1. (y) This is perfectly justified.

  2. Rafya, I expect you to be a young woman, and having said that, I must say that your thoughts parallel some really graceful personalities. The incident has come out to be a retaliation of zarb e azb, Lal Masjid incident, and several others. However, killing children has no justifications, and is surely an inhumane act. Need not to say, perfectly written.

    1. Thank you for appreciation, I am flattered! :)
      Yes, it is all result of retaliation but some people are spreading wrong information!

  3. You spoke my thoughts. Literally. I can't even...
    P.S. I'm from Karachi too but I live in Doha :')

    1. Your line just gives me a really familiar buzz.. I cant even... :D
      I spoke every sane person's thoughts I guess!
      Nice to see you on here, visit often! :)

  4. I agree with you rafya. Its all true


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