Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mild Craze with high risks of getting retarted.

Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings!

People, I have an eleven day gap for my next paper... So I'm here and relaxing my mind for the big monster coming up.
I've been ranting about my finals and Will keep on ranting till the day they end.
Logon! Bardasht Karo.

 Dear   Physical Chemistry


I don't want to study that seriously ;( :(
two papers are left and then *AZADII*
I miss blogging.
I want to bake brownies, egg less ones.
My recent addiction is Kurkuray.
I want to go out with my friends.

I'm crazy!

And Oh I can't see my G+ badge on my blog, somebody please tell me how to fix it.

Over And Out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!


How beautiful is youth,

How bright it gleams,

With it's illusions, aspirations and dreams,

Book of beginnings, story without end,

Each maid a heroine, each man a friend!

By Henry Longfellow

Thursday, 13 December 2012

I Might Be The most frustrated person right now. For the first time I can't get it across my friends mind.

I did not mean it, I swear I did not.

Okay So This all Anon thing, It's getting messy. It's doing something that I'd never want.
I'm posting this for my BFF .

I'am Really really sorry. Actually very sorry. I know we could'nt communicate better and things got messy and bad and hurting. I never wanted it to be. Every thing I ever did was never intended to hurt you in anyway. I can't afford to hurt you. 
That Post, I've deleted it okay, I'll be careful next time. 
Unintentionally I hurt, even made you cry. I know that. I'm sorry. I'm extremely sorry. I never wanted to. I never can. You're too precious for me. Remember, That IF anyone anywhere will try messing up with you will have to go through me first. I will be standing up for you, Speaking for you, Fighting for you.
I will be doing all that I can, for You.
I did not know you won't get what I mean and things will turn in an entirely different way that I'd never even thought of. All those misunderstandings... Lets throw them to hell.
Words can't explain what I feel right now. Nothing can.
I love you with all my heart and you're the best person I have in my life. That's the reason I've shared this blog with you and no one else. You understand me, listen to me, stay by my side. thankyou for all that. Everything is acknowledged and appreciated. I'm... I'm just sorry. I can't think right right now. I can't think.

Just a messy Update!

Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings!

                                                How have you'll been? I may not have been commenting on many posts but people, I've been reading all your posts. Been prayin for me? Wishing me luck? Good Thankyou, keep doing the same. I need them very much!

Came here only to tell you, I Still exist, just a bit busy! I will try keeping you all updated but I cant promise. There're so many things going on currently. I'm neck deep in all the errands. My final exams are still going on.

Okay so there's nothing more I can think of telling you, people are blabbering around me which is not letting me fully concentrate here.

Over and Out Bald Eagle (oh I watched a little chunk of Mr. Popper's Penguins)

Over and Out with a Promise to bring Something good to you next time!

Monday, 3 December 2012


Tomorrow is my final paper, please pray for me!

Miss me till I come back, Miss Me alot! :D

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sometimes In Life...

Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings,
                           Sometimes forcing ourselves on something does not help us in getting it done. You can restrict yourself but it does'nt help. Sometimes, giving 100% is out of choice and if you put alot of effort for it, you only end up getting headaches and alot of stress. Sometimes giving 100% is not even necessary, you only just need to put as much as you want to, be it 100 or 25%. I agree, there is always a choice to choose from, but at the same time, those choices don't help you.

 Sometimes, you fail at understanding. That is one time, you should stop saying anything, you should just shut-up, hold hands and listen.

 Life is not about always winning, sometimes, it is about sitting back after a long long time and enjoy letting someone else win and you, you can always win at some other part.

          Dreams and Aspirations never die,
          No matter how hard you try

 Your heart always makes you think of them. You can't fool yourself saying 'I can live without it' or 'I can do it later'.

 Every time you think you've been understood, think twice, sometimes you get wrong ideas.
You can always try, it doesn't guarantee that you can always win. Sometimes you stop caring, you are'nt even living, you're only breathing. You stop caring about anything and everything. You stop thinking about consequences. Like a robot, you just do things.

 Look at someone who's smiling or laughing, I bet you won't know if it is fake or really from the heart. These days, it is harder to do something that your heart urges to, faking emotions is much easier, even though it is not.

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time.

Beautiful Lies

My wounds bleed and my sorrows hurt,
My heart growls with the pain,
I keep walking on that same rough path,
Even though there's pain in it,
And I keep telling myself,
That It wont go on,
I brace myself, cold from the wind,
To myself I lie,
And Oh! They're beautiful lies!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Happy Birthday to you!

Assalam O Alaikum,
This post is for my dost (friend). It's her bithday today! I want to wish her.
This is for you and for anyone who's having birthday today. 

Happy Birthday To You!
Many many happy returns of the day.

I was so excited for it. Your card, the letter and you reading this! :D :D

Meray khayal mein thori mehnat ker hi leti hun main, kafi boring lag raha hai aisey  :p :D

 So A happy day to tum! :) :)


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Award, Yayyy!!!

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings!
                                             Crystal gave me the Sunshine Award. Thankyou Crystal! It's wonderful!

When I read this name sunshine, I remembered when I was little, there used to be a poem or a character or something I don't exactly remember and it was called Little Miss Sunshine. That was the first thought that jumped into my mind when I read this.
Here are the questions she asked:

 )I've been having some pretty crazy dreams lately. What's the craziest dream you've ever had?

I've had many and I dont remember most of them either :p
but I remember this one crazy dream I am in one birthday party and there are bunties in bunches on the ground and I find money below them :p then I start looking for money behind every bunch and my brother helps me out with that, I know it's pretty crazy lol. :D 

2.) What are your dreams or goals in life?
To become an artist. 

3.) What's your favorite Christmas Movie?
I don't remember any but i have seen christmas movies.

4.) If you could spend a year traveling, what state or country would you go first and why?
To Saudia Arabia to perform Umrah. I have a huge desire to perform Hajj and Umrah. After that to Zurich.


5.)Who's your favorite literary icon/hero and why?
I've not read much till now... I have come across some characters but some how they could'nt get to the Heroic place. Not yet. No hero.

6.)What's the one song that you secretly sing aloud when no one's watching.. or listening?
I sing almost every song out loud so there's absolutely none that I would want to sing secretly.

7.)How do you wind down after a long hard day?
 I come home, usually take something to eat before going to my room I eat in my room, read a book in my bed and then I drive to the valley of dreams.

8.)What's your favorite sound?
A baby's laugh. I so love it!

9.)City life or Country life? What do you find most appealing about
it and why?
City life because I'm used to it. I love the chaotic busy life when you've no time for any extra thing. 

10. What are you thankful for? 
For everything! what is there to not be thankful for? Even from mistakes and troubles I learnt alot, I am thankful for everything!

I want to pass it on to Daniyal Asif and Furree Katt. 

My questions for you are:

What is your favourite book?

What is your craziest childhood memory?

Your favourite time of the day?

Your favourite season?

Uptill now which birthday has been most fun and why? (all apologies to Furree for what happened with her :p )

The song that you always hum when you're doing something?

Your first ever writing that you wrote?

How did you start blogging ?
The craziest thing you've done uptill now? 

The best moment of your life?

Over and out with a promise to bring some thing good to you next time!

People are FAKE, very fake

Assalam O Alaikum and greetings,
Know what, some people, in this world are two sided, they talk to you all-sweet-sweet, do things for you as well after that, they back bite about you and also do things that you dont like. They think that you won't come to know but eventually you do. No one can fool anyone forever. I was trapped before, with the all-sweet-sweet behaviour. I trust people way too early then I should and then I face problems and get hurt.
Why do I keep expectations?? I am an idiot may be...

It is right, purity is hard to find these days. very hard.

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Dark dark Shadows

Come here and hold me tight,
I'm about to fall and you're my knight,
Save me from this, Don't let me drown,
I want to go on, I want that sunshine,
Down there's a world of darkness that looks into my eyes,
Come here and hold me tight,

When the world sleeps, I fear of those shadows,
When the world wakes, I paste a smile,
Those staring eyes and deafening sounds,
The lurking shadows  Deep down,
I'm about to fall and you're my knight,
Come here and hold me tight.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Page addition!

I added a new page rabbits, go check it out! click at this!
Go, go, go , go!!
P.S I changed the look of my blog, how do you like it?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dream of Library, It's a Stupid Post.

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings!
        It's been a while since I wrote anything cool.... I have my first year finals in december, I have no confidence and everything I learn, I forget it the next day, don't tell me to write what i learn because there's not enough time left... I hate physical chemistry.. So it's prep is'nt as good.
So this post is going to be very random.

Going back to the Randoms.... You know, these days I've got this weird habit of adding 'stupid' with everything like "Where are my stupid slippers?" or "I want a stupid glass" or "The stupid phone is'nt working".
 I have absolutely no idea why on earth do I say this!!

I got Cheddar Cheese Spread And I'm deeply in love with it. I love cheese actually. I can eat cheese anywhere and anyplace, trust me!!

I broke my glasses a few days back, now Thank God I had another pair for back up otherwise I'd be doomed... Imagine me going to college with out specs... A step here, a step there and then some ear piercing sound of car brakes and BOOSHHH!!!! this blogger girl would'a been GONE!!!

I act way below my age when I'm with my elder siblings, I literally become a baby. I think it's high time I should behave myself. But then... You know I somehow just can't control it, waisey bhi agar koi nakhrey utha raha ho tou faida uthana chahiyay aisay naadir moqay ka.

I have'nt read a good book since ages. Once I get over with some stuff, I'll InshaALLAH buy some books. Actually I'll buy ALOT of books.

I have this one weird dream of having a white library, in which chair and table are ok to have but a Small bed is MUST  To have. Yeahh a bed in a library. It's cozy and more comfortable to read in bed rather then chair. The library MUST be white. full White, No combo just white. That's an awkward dream I just shared with you guys.

I can't wear... Okay this is something you'd not expect coming out of a 19 year old girl's blog but , well, uhh...
High heels, Low heels, NO HEELS! just Flat! I feel like I'll fall. I can't walk in heels. I look like a lunatic dying for balancing herself when I walk in heels. If I ever wear heels, they must not be very high and the sandal have to have a strap at the ankle for support, other wise, I'm not wearing it.

I want to be 2 feet taller than I am now.

I guess this is it then...
I hope I did'nt bore you guys.
please pray for me, my stupid exams!

Over And Out With A Promise To Bring Something Good to You Next Time!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Eid And the Picnic

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings!

Eid Mubarak People!! okay, A belated one!! :D
My eid was splendid and wonderful, on day 1 we were done with our animal and the giving off meat. Day 2 was a family get together at my place. Day 3 was awesome , amazing and just wonderful. This year has been so good Alhumdulillah. I went to the sea side on day 3. Went to Sandspit. I had whole loadsss of fun. I collected sea shells, took crazzy stupid family pics and enjoyed alot!
Here are some pictures that I'd show you! :)


Sea shell

And I collected these, the red and purple one is so different AND beautiful!

OK I confess I'm not a very good photographer but I love to take photos anyway!

Found this kingfisher on our way near the mangrooves... It was beautiful!

I love picnics!

So that was How I celebrated Eid. I did not put on any mehndi (henna) again. This eid is always more of a animal-sacrifice major rather then concentrating on our dresses and all. We din't really made alot of preparation to get ourselves ready but we did put alot of efforts in the kitchen with the nihari , biryani, pulao and how can I forget Kaleji! So I did not do any shopping for eid for my self this time. But my Eid was fun filled AND CHOCLATE FILLED TOO! I am eating alot of chocolate these days! I have a sweet tooth... I crave for sweet after every few days.

P.S Local govt. did a good job with taking away the garbage and cleaning up after eid!

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dedication For Ridxy :)

Assalam O alaikum and Greetings!
                                     Today's post is dedicated to Ridx... yep It's a dedication [ It's my first dedication to any one on blog, lets see how it turns out]
As we All know RIDX is ABANDONING BLOGGING!!! Means We will no more be able to read thoughts converted into words so beautifully that we always ended up praising the writer. I'll miss that Ridx. I truly will.
                                       To You Ridx I wanna say that You are an amazing writer and I've learnt alot from you. Whenever I saw your post in my list I'd be delighted and go 'wow! Ridx has a new post!' You are creative and you have Aspired a lot of people to write better. I'm one of those people who, read your writings and Completely fell in love with them. I love how you posted a lot of sweet pictures in your posts. It made your post colourful and attractive. Your blog's look is very Awesome! You spread positive energy and smile around blogger. You are a gem. Please always always be the same way. You're one of the sweetest people I know. You try helping in every way you can, that's what I really like about you.
                               You are a very awesome and amazing person. I hope and pray that you view peaks of success and true happiness in your life! Ameen :)
                                  All of us will miss you and your blog Alot- *Bear Hug*

I wanted to add 2 songs for you but can't and you know why... so quoting one of them here:

Baby you're a Firework,
Com'on show 'em what you're worth,
Make 'em go 'Oh oh oh'
As you Shoot across the sky-y-yy

Complete lyrics:
Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colours burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh"
You're gonna leave 'em all in "awe, awe, awe"


Like a lightning bolt, your heart will glow
And when it's time, you'll know



Saturday, 13 October 2012

Malala Yousufzai And Arfa Kareem

Assalam O Aliakum And Greetings!
       This post is dedicated to Malala Yousuzai And to Arfa Kareem. Both of them so young and brilliant persons. Although Arfa Kareem is not with us anymore but her dreams, aspirations and intellect surrounds us. She was so beautiful. I loved her eyes and there was a unique shine in them. She was a gem we are fortunate enough to have had. May her soul rest in peace and may one of us bring reality to her dreams for Pakistan. Ameen.
Malala is  another example of someone who is brave, beautiful and very intelligent, however, those who shot her are the most cowardest people. They are deprived people. Deprived of knowledge, deprived of religion and deprived of hidayah. I hope and pray to ALLAH SWT that she gets well soon and continue her journey towards knowledge, for herself and for others. Malala Don't you worry lil' sis, mine and so many other people's prayers are with you and together we will see the realisation to your dreams. Malala, one brave girl who is a role model for many. Our government and officials are hopeless people so I won't say anything to them. Only people can bring a change if they want to. People like Malala, people like Arfa, people like Ali Moeen and so many others who go un noticed can bring a good change.
I request all of you to please pray for quick recovery of Malala.

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

I protest!

I protest, Yes I do... I protest against the movie that (Nauzubillah) makes fun of our Last Prophet Sallala ho Alaih Wasalm. I condemn it and all other acts that hurt Muslim or any other community's believes.
I'm deeply hurt and offended. Yes I am. It's not your so called 'freedom of speech'... you got freedom of speech but not freedom to hurt and offend anyone... your speech or actions should not be the reason for anyone's pain.
My religion Islam, My holy Book Quran and My Prophet Sallala ho Alaih e Wasallam are my pride. I or any other Muslim will never allow anyone to disgrace it.
My Religion: My pride!
ALHUMDLILLAH that I'm born a Muslim!
May ALLAH bless everyone with Hidayah! Ameen

Monday, 17 September 2012

Just a Bit Something!

Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings!

Here I am again! These days I'm in love with Halal/Peki cakes... I eat them every evening. I think my junk intake has become more then it ever was, because I eat junk in college and then cakes at home. This all results in No More Hungry and the home made food does not make it for my tummy!
I think I should try to eat more healthy.
I'm a bit excited as specimen have arrived in college and tommorow is a Dissection LAbbb!!! I'm Excited because it'll be first dissection other then frogs and roaches and worms! I hope my teacher puts some efforts in the demonstration because seriously- I don't understand a word she utters in the labs! Lucky, she does'nt take any of our theory classes! She does'nt seem to even try to make any efforts in getting her point across the students' minds! I wish we had other teacher!
There's a stock of work to do now a days and there's a constant burden on my mind...
My Love!

I've no time for reading these days, Sigh!
I'm loving it!
Coffee season is nearrr.. Yayyy! :D
I once read a book about Lady Diana, I think She was Beautiful!

P.S don't forget to make Dua for my teacher pleasee!!

Over and Out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Not able to give it a tiltle

Assalam o alaikum and greetings!
    Today when I'm writing all of this, My heart aches... One of my favourite teacher's husband died yesterday... Funeral was held today... From all what I know, she is a very jolly, friendly and helping human being... I heard from other people she was crying alot today... obviously she lost her husband and she also got no kids. Life would'nt be easier for her from now on. I can't imagine her crying face. My eyes get teary when I think of her and I can't get this out of my mind. She asked us students to pray for her.
             Please please please people, Pray for my dear teacher M. Rubina and her late husband. please do pray for her it is my humble request. I will be really thankful to you if you do. Pray for her no matter who you are or what you do, GOD listens from everywhere! 

Monday, 10 September 2012

FReakinG 19 YeArS Olddd!!!

Assalam O aliakum And greetings!
            How are you all doing? I'm doing perfectly awesome ALHUMDULILAH :D
Yeah so this post is about my Birthday! Yeaaahhh... I am now 18 19 YEARS OLD! It seems quite Adult adult now! When I hear the words 19 years for my self I suddenly feel like an older and perhaps more mature person. This is my last teenage year... After this year I'll never be able to go back to the teenage again and live that life.. I want to enjoy this year as much as I can. I will miss my old days too, as there are certain things that I won't be doing now but i will concentrate more on what I would be doing from now on.... Life is just the same, my mind, my thinking and the way I look at things has changed. My perception of things has changed. And I think I'm welcoming all these changes warm heartedly and loving them too. I'm enjoying the time!
This birthday was the most coolest-est birthday I could ever have... My friends made my day.. we had fun and enjoyed ourselves... we were these four crazy lunatics roaming around the city... That was the day I lived each moment rejoicing and smiling... I've lived those moments!! And for my friends though they won't be reading my blog but to them: This is coming straight from my heart I love you guys, thankyou making me feel so special and for doing what you did. Thankyou for being there, always. Thankyou for just being you. You constitute half of my world and mean a lot to me, even more than you can imagine!
Rest is all good, I think I'm too emotional for now to write anymore...

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!
And here are the songs that I'm currently obsessed with  these days:
This is Awesome and Next one is:

Thursday, 6 September 2012

No Title!

Assalam o Alaikum And greetings!
  I'm Sorry I came here to write an update but It has now started to rain So I need to GO...!! :D :D :P yayyyy I love rain!! Do you?

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Belated Eid Mubarak

Assalam O Alaikum and greetings!
                         How are all of you peeps? How did your Eid go? Got any eidi? And girls did you put on any mehndi?
My Eid ALHUMDULILLAH went great! It was sooooo busy too! Something that was'nt nice was that I got severe cough and flu during eid and this really messed things up! I had pain in my throat and my voice went so bad that when I spoke I heard very Uncle-type voice! :o :(
My dress was very awesome for eid but it was Heavyyy!
I got a lot of eidi, really Alot on which I'm really happy... but I don't know where do I Spend it!
A very belated Eid Mubarak to all of you!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Pictures! Very Random Ones.

Assalam o aliakum And Greetings!
    So how are you? How's Ramadan going? Don't you think they going wayyy too fast?! I do! Okay so in this post I will be adding some of most random-est pictures that I've taken.... Yeahh!
Shoes! love doing this for no apparent reason :p

That's Some thing I do almost all the time! And Hey This picture was taken in the college DURING the lecture ;)  Guess which shoes are mine? quite easy by the way :p
Height of randomness, that's moon shining between two wires.

chemistry lab, Is'nt that flame cute?! :)

lab again!

Cup cakes by me :D
Okay So these were the randoms...
I love clicking pictures of anything and every thing..... I sorta get crazzy when I have camera in my hands... I can not assure anyone of good photography but I can assure that I won't miss the big moment snaps and every action would be in my camera...
I take the pictures of any objects just lying around or of the chocolate that i'm addicted with or of the food that I really reaallyy love and I want to picture-ise it so that I can look at it later and say 'wee-haww I ate that thing!' I even take the photo of my phone from someone else's phone (crazzy, ain't it?)
PS these pics were taken through my phone, sorry about the quality.
PPS That's all for now!

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Thousand Things Run Through My Mind

Sometimes, a deep pain that makes my soul cringe.

Sometimes, anger that speaks non-sense.

Sometimes, a moment of love that lights up the whole world.

Sometimes, a hurting tear that tells a thousand stories.

Sometimes, a deep thought, worring about someone who is far far away.

Sometimes, a baby's smile, that came upon the angelic face.

Sometimes, a happy giggle that leaves it's effect on me forever.

Sometimes, a feeling of peace and thankfulness that Dear God is always there for me.

Sometimes, a rebelliousness that makes me want to run away.

Sometimes, a submission, to the One we will return to.

Sometimes, an empty mind, with no thinking and feeling just like a clean sheet of paper!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Happiness is inside YOU!

Greetings And Assalam o aliakum!
       So, people how are you guys?? Ramadan are going busy and I'm loving it- These days everything seems so peaceful and nice... Today i wanted to talk about joy... Why is it that we find joy in things, I once read somewhere
                              " Joy is not in things, it is within You"
But I think we find joy when we buy a new phone or when we go Abroad for summer trips or what so ever... I see people being happy on these and that too, the happiness dies so soon, as a moment later they crave for newer things... Why dont we stay happy because we are alive today and can see our loved ones happy, because we're alive and are able to see, walk, eat and listen, because we just ate a meal that many people don't even know this dish exists, because we got one more day to bow our heads down in front of ALLAH and pray! Why are'nt these the reason of our happiness?! We're getting faker day by day I guess!!
This materialistic happiness is also the one which leads us to the lack of contentness! If we're happy for real reasons, We might stay content always!
Let's be happy...
Let's be happy that we have Our siblings even if we fight with them and not only fight we also cover up for them in front of our parents, let's be happy because we have our parents with us, let's be happy because we've the most awsome-est best-est friends and nobody knows us better then them, Lets be happy because our lives are enriched with beautiful people, let's be happy because we all have our blogs and we can never explode out emotionally, lets be happy because we are all humans and can live a better life, let's be happy because a baby smiled when he saw your face today! Let's just be happy!!


Step into the sunshine and smile your way,
forget all the memories and live your life,

Smell the fresh roses, pluck the white lilies,
Run through the wet grass and be carefree

That's ALL I could write... I dont know why but I can't complete this one poem though I've been trying for a while now.... And I actually wanted this one to be a real long, happy and good poem but could'nt make it one :( :'(

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

This Life!

Life; what is life?
for some, a plate of gold,
for some, a silver spoon,
for some, a bag of garbage,
for some, a lost hope,
for some, a tear of pain,
for some, a broken promise,
for some, a shining diamond,
for some, a ray of sunshine!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Random Rumble..

I'm lazy, I'm lame, I'm tired, I'm sick, I'm fasting and I'm hungryyyy :o

P.S how do you like the new theme of my blog??

Ramadan Mubarak fellows!

Greetings and Assalam o Alaikum,
Ramadan Mubarak to ya'll! sorry for not posting for a while but I've been dropping on and off to see the blog activity and also been reading all your posts, just that these days due to Ramadan schudule is not really set. That's the reason why I'm not writing in so much. Another reason is, I want to write a super duper post but it is'nt coming to me, you know coming as in words are'nt absorbing in me and I'm not getting very creative with words. . . There is a post on my dash board but that's incomplete.
What else. . ?? umm nothing now I'm being lame so I'm out now!

Over and Out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

And Then They Left...

And then he let her go,
not that he was holding her hands,
but his eyes were giving expressions,
as if it was time to go

They looked at each other,
for one last time,
She looked pale,shattered and longing,
as if she might run to him and hug him

She never wanted to let go,
never wanted to lose it,
never wanted to see him apart from herself
but never showed it...

She wished for all this,
may be she'll be happy now,
she can't compromise,
His thoughts were totally different about her

Nobody expressed and nobody shared,
they left each other in the snowfall that day,
with fake smiles,
trying to show they're okay with it

But neither of them were okay
They were'nt leaving each other,
but they were leaving their souls,
leaving their hearts and leaving their lives,
out of their body

without that hug or holding hands,
with the fake strong looks on their faces,
they tried to show they're not weak

And then they left...

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Something Different then what you've been reading About Karachi, Something Positive about it!

               Hey people, Today I thought I should talk about my City... Karachi. I dont want to talk about how disturbing the situation is or how people are unsafe or it's all getting worst..... instead I want to talk about it's beauty, it's adorable people, it's crowdy market places, the magnificent sea shore.....
This is such a beautiful city. The nicest thing that I truly adore about this city is that it welcomes and accepts new people from any part of the world. One could rarely see such a mixture of culture as they can see it here in Karachi. You can see a Pathan vendor selling his carpets and right next to his shop you'd see a Punjabi with cuisines set up on his counter. You see, it's so adorably wonderful seeing people from all over the country and of all different cultures sitting at the same place, doing somewhat same things and truly loving each other. No wonder it is called Mini Pakistan!
    I myself, am a resident of an area where Pathan , Punjabi , Sindhi , Balochi and urdu-speaking live in the same neighborhood. They dont have any problems with each other and live quite happily, infact they help each other with all their hearts if and when it is needed.
    Then there is this beautiful seashore, the Arabian sea that has one end in Karachi. That place is amazing. Some of the places are not so tidy due to lack of awareness but some places are clean and tidy.
     Then comes the shopping venues. There are fully air conditioned, cool and awesome malls in the city that cater absolutely everything that one needs. But everyone can not afford that. It's expensive for most of the population so, there're these other market places that are affordable with some handy goods available and those who dont have huge bank accounts and their daddy's mills can always buy from there.Yes this city caters the need of all those who work. Even the poorest people (WHO WORK) get atleast One meal of the day.
    The people of Karachi are awesome, truly awesome. They'd lend you a helping hand if your car has dumped you in the middle of the road. If you dont know the route to some place, they'll guide you. If they see some old woman or man in a public bus and they did'nt get a seat they'd stand and give their own seats to them. If they see you on an empty road and you're with your family they'll stop by and tell you it's not a safe place and you should move from here. There's this one funny thing that happened with my family once. We still laugh when we recall it.
      I was going somewhere with my family, we never went to that area of the city before so we called our relatives to come and pick us up. The place was quite empty and there were'nt street lights on so it was dark. We were standing there and also were scared of getting robbed. And zhoooppp!! there comes a motorcycle with two men on it, my brother gets out of his car, one of the men gets up and  shakes hand with my brother and tells him he should'nt be standing here, it is very dangerous to do so. As he says this, I see a pistol on his side on the belt that was barely being seen only from my side. OH MY GOD, I showed it to my family member sitting right next to me and we Start thinking we are gone...!! In my mind I'm thinking I just got a new phone why is this happening I just got it and Ohh Will he spare our lives.!! Ohh We're gone..!!! Nobody can even trace us here it's so dark!! Finally without taking anything from us, the men move from there and when they go forward where the street lights were turned on, I see their dresses and THEY WERE GUARDS...!!!! And we laughed our heads off and moved to another place where our relative finally found us and we went away. We came back quite easily afterwards but those few moments in between were truly horrible moments. Seriously!! And now whenever we recall it, we laugh so much.

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time.

Monday, 25 June 2012

hectic college today and vacations ahead!

These days, I'm really into Taylor Swift's songs, all of them, Sometimes they hit the right place.
Today, college was really hectic. 3 classes and then straight to lab, Botony.... I dont like it :S I hate Section cuttinggg... u hear me Ma'm Saminaaa, I HATE SECTION CUTTING and all those ugly botanical plant names like vinca rosea, datura alba and all those yike terminologies like ploygamy, imbricate etc etc. I really dont like it!
I was so tired AND hungry by the end of lab today, I did'nt even want to walk but our canteen is so far I HAD to walk! Poor me! We ( me and my buddies) walked to the canteen and took our lunch ate it like hungry retarted people, made fun of each other, went back to our building, took practical journal from our teacher only to find out it's STILL unchecked, it's okay though, she's alot busy these days!!
vacations are just a week ahead now! I want to have a get-together of old school pals this summer, it'll be fun! Apart from this no plans yet...
I have got an assignment to do, herbarium. It's such a silly thing to do. For those who don't know: herbarium is a special copy in which you paste plants. Our assignment is to collect at least 30 wild plants of Karachi, paste them in the special copy, write their names, scientific names, family and blah blah blah. Then we've to make an index, get it checked by our lecturar and get it certified.  And i find it reallllyyy b-o-r-i-n-g-g-g!!! Yea So this task is up and I hope to complete it this week :p lol if my friends hear this they'll laugh :D cause that's not easy, It actually EATS alot of time and yea tommorow we've planned IT means Ijtima'ii Tulla means that me and friends are'nt going tommorow so I have plenty of time for the assignment.
And actually my 26 days old nephew is on my lap right now ( which is a big distraction as I can't concentrate on blog, cant take my eyes away from his angelic face! ) I love to see him sleep like this. When he's sleeping and I look at his face, the world seems so peaceful.
I love these tiny little people whose smiles are contagious and whose tears sadden every sight. Kids are so beautiful and they know how to smile unlike we adults, who smile ocassionaly even that is sometimes fake.

I know today's post is a bit lame because the assignment is seriously driving me crazzy. I've been collecting and Saving plants for 2 months now! and they'r still not complete.

hopefully next time I'd bring something more awsome
till the over and out

Wonderful weather in Khi, n I'm Lovin it! :)

peeps, it's such a nice weather right now here in Khi, drizzling as well, it's awsomeee,
I'm thinking to grab some snacks n runnn to enjoy this awsome weather as we dont see much of it in Khi ( Umph =S)
Over and out, hopefully to bring some good things in next time! :)

Saturday, 23 June 2012

My Story Of Becoming A Hijabist And What I Have to Face.

Yes, I want to share what being hijabist is and how do people reflect to it...
I am ALHUMDULILLAH a hijabist which means I cover my whole body except my face, hands and my feet. This is a 'Farz' (duty)  by my religion. I'm proud of it.
It is the hijab that makes me feel secure, it is the hijab that makes me confident, Hijab makes me feel more special as a woman. I have'nt been a hijabi from a really long time, But when I started it, I have made a firm promise, to myself and to my GOD that I no matter what, will Never ever abandon it, I will not take it off EVER, INSHALLAH!
I've not seen many people who start hijab by themselves. There are few. Most people I know who practice hijab because their so-and-so asked them to. They do it as sincerely as anyone else but what my point is that their reasons were not their feelings from inside. It was'nt their own will.It was'nt their own motivation from their own hearts. Mine ALLHUMDULILAH is. Someone, whom I respect ALOT did give me knowledge about it and told me all about it, It was my teacher who knew that teacher is also responsible for their students' personality grooming ( It's something teachers have forgotten now). She used to teach us not only her subject but also how to live. There were times when we used to ask her that we don't want to study So If she could please please give us a lecture on other stuff or to start a class discussion! (we were spoilt by her love :D ) And She, with all her love used to give us a nice lecture. Sometimes it was about hijab, Sometimes it was about what are roles of woman in Islam and Sometimes it used to be about what steps you should take if someone is trying to harass you!
I was young that time when she used to tell us about hijab and all the thing. I didnot pay attention to it then. But everything got Saved in my mind. It was after 3 WHOLE YEARS that something from deep inside me, woke up. I started questioning my self. I started asking myself.
I questioned myself that Why dont I cover my head when I never wear short sleeves or capri's or any short or tight dresses? It is the only thing left to do! then Why don't I do it?!!
Then one fine day I was going to a cousin's marriage, I asked myself Should I start it now?! I was still so confused about it. ( even when I was'nt a Hijabi I used to cover my head during traveling or on shopping). I asked one of my cousins (who practices hijab herself) She looked at me and Said 'You're asking someone who's already a hijabi, why would I say no if you're trying to do something good! Start from today and don't you worry about anything'. THAT was a moment! That was the second I Started hijab and Promised my self never to leave it. THAT was the Moment ALLAH blessed me with his mercy and I'll be forever thankful to HIM!

    On one hand hijab does make me feel special and all but on the other hand, people look at me like I just got out of their houses after cleaning their loos. Seriously, people sometimes do give me the looks where they tell me 'Oh you'r a low level crap because you cover your head'
This usually happens at a place where there are upper class gatherings and girls with sleeveless dresses and iphones in their handsmove when they see someone wearing a hijab near them and guys with levi's and dolce and gabbana shirt and jeans turn their faces and either laugh or get sarcastic about my hijab. My question is: Why can't people respect hijab and hijabist? just because my head is covered does not mean I'm a low life freak and I know nothing! Donot under estimate anyone with even talking to them. Why are people so mean?! I wear Hijab and I'm not respected. I open my hair and flaunt them everywhere and I'm respected..!!! Excuse me people what level are you on? You Shold respect a person no matter what they're wearing and what they're doing. Why do you discriminate and judge on these stupid reasons?! Who are you to even judge?! It hurts. You know, It really hurts!

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!

first post: life and me

So, here this is my first blog.... well not really first blog, I tried blogging before but could'nt get followers, got disappointed AND DELETED my blog. I did not know, How to market my thing properly, then I started reading blogs, And I Started reading them crazzily. I then came to know the real blogging world. Hopefully INSHALLAH this time I will succeed!
I am not blogging here for some-real-problems-our-society-is facing, I'm blogging because I want to write, I want to communicate to people. I, when, Sometimes get fed up from life want to come here and tell people my story and I want you guys to read me, advise me, somewhere if i'm wrong, politely correct me.
Life is Sometimes so hard on us, we all want to run away from it, atleast sometimes I want to. Sometimes I want to vanish, go someplace else, be free from all the reponsibilites and ESCAPE.
My escape from now on will be blogging world!!
Sometimes It's a total opposite, we'r loving life So much. Everything seems picture perfect. We want to live life that way forever and ever. But somewhere deep in our hearts, is fear. Fear of losing this happiness. Fear of losing this bliss.
Why Do We get tired then..?! When do we start penting...?! When do we start thinking there's nothing left now...?! Why Do We Give up And tell ourselves never to start again BUT Then WE do start again...?!
This life leaves me with so many questios...!!
And I hope I can type more fastly... My Speed is'nt So good, magar keraty kertay aa hi jaiy ga!
I will write more Soon, pleaseeeeee keeep folowinggggg
Thankyou :)