Saturday, 9 March 2013

My Hijab, My pride

Assalam O Alaikum & Greetings!
                                                How are ya'll friends?
I don't know how many of you will take this but there was this topic revolving around.. I've never been able to define it this way but I've always wanted to. Why is hijab for me such a pride.. Why do I take it as an achievement?

I was talking to someone once and when I told her that this is one the milestones in my life that I actually started hijab her reply was totally opposite. She told me for her it wasnt a big deal. She questioned me why was it a milestone for me... I could'nt ever answer her properly. I gave it a long thought.

Hijab is a milestone. It is achievement. It is pride.

You know why, because I was one lucky person to have been blessed to cover myself. I am one of zillions of people around the world, ALLAH chose me for hidayah (guidance). He does'nt choose everyone. It makes me feel special. It makes me feel I'm a nice person. It makes me feel I'm worthy enough that ALLAH Himself wanted me to do this. HE does'nt put it in everyone's heart but in mine He did... ALHUMDULILLAH! I'm thankful for that.
I could have been one of those people who dont even care to cover their whole body... but No I'm not. And It is not because of me, ALLAH guided me towards one of the best things on earth. Trust me there's no better feeling than knowing that your God wants and guides you to something good.

I have only one ALLAH but He has so many people to love and yet He decided to guide me. Should'nt I celebrate?
That one moment when I decided I'll never be taking off my scarf again was the moment I felt connected to ALLAH SWT.
Hijab Is my connection with ALLAH. It is the confirmation of Him guiding me towards betterment. It is knowing that Still Something good resides in me. It is beauty. It is security. It is believe. It is peace...
This is a blessing that is'nt bestowed upon many, I'm one of the few, I'm lucky. I celebrate it. I admire it. I love it!

Over and out with promise to bring something good to you next time!


  1. Very inspiring Rafya, and what a beautiful expression.

  2. Nicely written...
    But you know ultimately at the end of the day it is something that makes YOU happy and your proud of it, thats what matters...

  3. good for you. hijjab is to compare muslim or not. maybe for today, hijjab is a fashion. but fo me hijjab is everything. thanks for the following. I'm follow back. visit and follow my other blog


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