Thursday, 13 October 2016

A Glimpse Through Momhood

                                    As I look back on my life, I see how quickly time changed and it changed me, with it. I remember once, time was all mine. Now, I run after it like a maniac and it still slips out of my hands so fast. Once I was a little girl, so care-free.Now I am a mother of a little girl myself. Responsibilities lie over my shoulder and it gets heavier each day. A new task, a new errand, a new milestone awaits as I wake up each day.
                                    Life after marriage and motherhood drastically changed me. It challenged me. I had to embrace everything along, with open mind and heart.
                                     It isn't so bad, but it is no doubt pretty tough. It is tough when people look up to you for their needs. All of a sudden, sometimes, it hits you, you have to be there, even when on some days, you don't want to be. You have to, for your people, you have to.
                                     Now, when I remember old times what I miss is the calmness I once had in my heart. I don't really have the same feeling anymore. My soul was calm, subtle. I had time. I had freedom. Now, I wait for the end of the day to have 5 minutes for myself as I lie on my bed.
                                      But this is life. This is how it gets along. My mum would have done the same and my daughter will do that too. This is how it works. Everything has it's perks. I enjoy little moments of serenity as I hug my little one close to my chest. I love it when she has that one particular look on her face that no one else gets. I get glimpses of love in her eyes. I didn't really understand love before I met my precious little daughter.
                                     Life is tough, quick and wonderful. I couldn't have known a better mum, husband or a better daughter. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Teach Me

Lead me to your dreams,
Your bliss in the beautiful place,
Your treats of wonderlust,
Your astounding world of harmony,
Take me then to the secret chamber,
Teach me how to do it,
How to forget all the miseries,
How to control my mind,
How to go,
How to move,
To your amazing tomorrow-land!