Saturday, 28 July 2012

Happiness is inside YOU!

Greetings And Assalam o aliakum!
       So, people how are you guys?? Ramadan are going busy and I'm loving it- These days everything seems so peaceful and nice... Today i wanted to talk about joy... Why is it that we find joy in things, I once read somewhere
                              " Joy is not in things, it is within You"
But I think we find joy when we buy a new phone or when we go Abroad for summer trips or what so ever... I see people being happy on these and that too, the happiness dies so soon, as a moment later they crave for newer things... Why dont we stay happy because we are alive today and can see our loved ones happy, because we're alive and are able to see, walk, eat and listen, because we just ate a meal that many people don't even know this dish exists, because we got one more day to bow our heads down in front of ALLAH and pray! Why are'nt these the reason of our happiness?! We're getting faker day by day I guess!!
This materialistic happiness is also the one which leads us to the lack of contentness! If we're happy for real reasons, We might stay content always!
Let's be happy...
Let's be happy that we have Our siblings even if we fight with them and not only fight we also cover up for them in front of our parents, let's be happy because we have our parents with us, let's be happy because we've the most awsome-est best-est friends and nobody knows us better then them, Lets be happy because our lives are enriched with beautiful people, let's be happy because we all have our blogs and we can never explode out emotionally, lets be happy because we are all humans and can live a better life, let's be happy because a baby smiled when he saw your face today! Let's just be happy!!


Step into the sunshine and smile your way,
forget all the memories and live your life,

Smell the fresh roses, pluck the white lilies,
Run through the wet grass and be carefree

That's ALL I could write... I dont know why but I can't complete this one poem though I've been trying for a while now.... And I actually wanted this one to be a real long, happy and good poem but could'nt make it one :( :'(

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

This Life!

Life; what is life?
for some, a plate of gold,
for some, a silver spoon,
for some, a bag of garbage,
for some, a lost hope,
for some, a tear of pain,
for some, a broken promise,
for some, a shining diamond,
for some, a ray of sunshine!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Random Rumble..

I'm lazy, I'm lame, I'm tired, I'm sick, I'm fasting and I'm hungryyyy :o

P.S how do you like the new theme of my blog??

Ramadan Mubarak fellows!

Greetings and Assalam o Alaikum,
Ramadan Mubarak to ya'll! sorry for not posting for a while but I've been dropping on and off to see the blog activity and also been reading all your posts, just that these days due to Ramadan schudule is not really set. That's the reason why I'm not writing in so much. Another reason is, I want to write a super duper post but it is'nt coming to me, you know coming as in words are'nt absorbing in me and I'm not getting very creative with words. . . There is a post on my dash board but that's incomplete.
What else. . ?? umm nothing now I'm being lame so I'm out now!

Over and Out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

And Then They Left...

And then he let her go,
not that he was holding her hands,
but his eyes were giving expressions,
as if it was time to go

They looked at each other,
for one last time,
She looked pale,shattered and longing,
as if she might run to him and hug him

She never wanted to let go,
never wanted to lose it,
never wanted to see him apart from herself
but never showed it...

She wished for all this,
may be she'll be happy now,
she can't compromise,
His thoughts were totally different about her

Nobody expressed and nobody shared,
they left each other in the snowfall that day,
with fake smiles,
trying to show they're okay with it

But neither of them were okay
They were'nt leaving each other,
but they were leaving their souls,
leaving their hearts and leaving their lives,
out of their body

without that hug or holding hands,
with the fake strong looks on their faces,
they tried to show they're not weak

And then they left...

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Something Different then what you've been reading About Karachi, Something Positive about it!

               Hey people, Today I thought I should talk about my City... Karachi. I dont want to talk about how disturbing the situation is or how people are unsafe or it's all getting worst..... instead I want to talk about it's beauty, it's adorable people, it's crowdy market places, the magnificent sea shore.....
This is such a beautiful city. The nicest thing that I truly adore about this city is that it welcomes and accepts new people from any part of the world. One could rarely see such a mixture of culture as they can see it here in Karachi. You can see a Pathan vendor selling his carpets and right next to his shop you'd see a Punjabi with cuisines set up on his counter. You see, it's so adorably wonderful seeing people from all over the country and of all different cultures sitting at the same place, doing somewhat same things and truly loving each other. No wonder it is called Mini Pakistan!
    I myself, am a resident of an area where Pathan , Punjabi , Sindhi , Balochi and urdu-speaking live in the same neighborhood. They dont have any problems with each other and live quite happily, infact they help each other with all their hearts if and when it is needed.
    Then there is this beautiful seashore, the Arabian sea that has one end in Karachi. That place is amazing. Some of the places are not so tidy due to lack of awareness but some places are clean and tidy.
     Then comes the shopping venues. There are fully air conditioned, cool and awesome malls in the city that cater absolutely everything that one needs. But everyone can not afford that. It's expensive for most of the population so, there're these other market places that are affordable with some handy goods available and those who dont have huge bank accounts and their daddy's mills can always buy from there.Yes this city caters the need of all those who work. Even the poorest people (WHO WORK) get atleast One meal of the day.
    The people of Karachi are awesome, truly awesome. They'd lend you a helping hand if your car has dumped you in the middle of the road. If you dont know the route to some place, they'll guide you. If they see some old woman or man in a public bus and they did'nt get a seat they'd stand and give their own seats to them. If they see you on an empty road and you're with your family they'll stop by and tell you it's not a safe place and you should move from here. There's this one funny thing that happened with my family once. We still laugh when we recall it.
      I was going somewhere with my family, we never went to that area of the city before so we called our relatives to come and pick us up. The place was quite empty and there were'nt street lights on so it was dark. We were standing there and also were scared of getting robbed. And zhoooppp!! there comes a motorcycle with two men on it, my brother gets out of his car, one of the men gets up and  shakes hand with my brother and tells him he should'nt be standing here, it is very dangerous to do so. As he says this, I see a pistol on his side on the belt that was barely being seen only from my side. OH MY GOD, I showed it to my family member sitting right next to me and we Start thinking we are gone...!! In my mind I'm thinking I just got a new phone why is this happening I just got it and Ohh Will he spare our lives.!! Ohh We're gone..!!! Nobody can even trace us here it's so dark!! Finally without taking anything from us, the men move from there and when they go forward where the street lights were turned on, I see their dresses and THEY WERE GUARDS...!!!! And we laughed our heads off and moved to another place where our relative finally found us and we went away. We came back quite easily afterwards but those few moments in between were truly horrible moments. Seriously!! And now whenever we recall it, we laugh so much.

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time.