Saturday, 31 August 2013

Thankful For Today!

Today will be remembered in great words for the rest of days that come in my life.

I told my Teacher!

Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings!
                                         How are you guys?
I wanted to share something with you guys! You know what!? I went to my teacher's office and I ASKED HER MYSELF IN PERSON TO READ MY BLOG AND READ MY POST. It's a big deal people, It's a BIG deal.
It took me alot of courage to do that. I am a shy person. I roamed around her office for like 1 hour and tried to talk to her like 12 times but ended up returning back to the benches outside. Yes, I know, I am a chicken. But finally I did get brave enough to go ask her. I wanted it to be anonymous.. since she does'nt know me by my first name before saying it to her I messaged her on facebook, but she could'nt reply or visit the page. So me being impatient as ever, today, I talked to her. So... My letter does'nt get to be anonymous letter. But she is going to read it and that's actually what matters!
She smiled entire time I talked to her! She is so nice. She is such a wonderful person. I am so blessed to be her student and I am sooooo thankful for it. :') My day has been Amazing! :')
I smiled the entire way home! and one woman even eyed me suspiciously if I was smiling at a guy or something! :D hahaaa!! 
After I talked to her, I was literally shivering, butterflies in my stomach... what not! I wish she finds time to read the actual post on my blog!
For those of you who don't know what I posted for my teacher can see it here: My tribute to her

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Of Emotions that are shown and that are hidden...

Those green eyes, Those green eyes with so many emotions..
Emotions running like colors thrown across the canvas
And colors... Ah those colors! Those dull and dark and mysterious colors
And the face.. The face told another story
The face was as happy as anything!
The face was cheerful and joyous as ever...
Oh and the heart... The heart was long gone...
Just vanished into thin air...

Sunday, 18 August 2013

A Tiny attempt of saying Thankyou and you Rock!

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings!
How have you folks been? I am so sorry for not wishing you Ramadans and Eid and 14 August... There had plenty of things getting done this summer. I could not write anything.

Beginning with a sorry.. I wanted to share a letter with you all. I wrote it for my teacher in my college a few months ago and I never gave it to her or even thought of doing that. It took me ALOT of courage to ask her to read this. I will be typing in EXACTLY how I wrote. I won't edit but may add up few things. It is dedicated to her and one more amazing teacher who was in my school who inspired me for Hijab.

It's a Thankyou letter. I wanted to let her know in words that all she does is acknowledged and very much appreciated. That she is a wonderful person. That I and others look up to her.

It is a written tribute to her for doing all that she does. It is a Tribute to the BEST TEACHER in the World! 

Here it goes:

Dear  Respected Ms,
                                I know, this crazy stupid letter of mine will never get through, I'll still write though. To satisfy my heart I will.Anyway, You are one of the few teachers I look up to. You are one of the few people in my life whom I have come across and instantly developed extreme respect and love in my heart. You are the person I want to be. Your footsteps will be my guiding stars, your acts will be my way of life. I hope one day, I could gather so much courage and tell you all this.
                               I am that one crazy Crazy girl, who, when you enter the class, stands up and starts literally starts to clap ( slowly though! :) ). I am that one girl who would always follow your sayings. I am that one crazy girl who bears alot, literally ALOT of respect and admiration and love... and well I am out of words here.
                   You are my role model. You are my Inspiration. You are who I want to be. You are simply outstanding and the best! I wish I could be like you. I wish I could be a good example for others. I wish I could be like you and Become a reason for people around to do good and be good. I so wish I could be like you.
         I hope, that one day, when I reach somewhere in my life, I'll atleast try becoming that mother that you are to all of us, I'll try becoming the mentor for people around me like you are, I'll try becomg a good omen for someone, I'll try becoming a good achiever like you are, I'll try becoming the reason for everyone's smile-lit faces  like you are.
                   Thankyou, thank you for being so generous and so amazing. Thank you for being a mother, a teacher, a mentor, a guiding star, a pillar of awesome-ness (sorry that's me being a typical teenager here) and everything else that you are. Thankyou from the depth of my heart, for being YOU!
                                                                                                                                     Your insane student,
                                                                                                                             of final year, KPGDCW

And I do not expect a lot to happen, just a smile across your kind face.