Friday, 11 December 2015

Isn't it odd?

Isn't it odd? To have to say goodbye,
Isn't it odd? To then feel your heart going away,
Isn't it odd? To look at all the memories with blurry eyes,
Isn't it odd? To have to make yourself understand, the pain is inevitable,
Isn't it odd? To watch the memories grow stronger and stronger as you cry,
Isn't it odd? To never speak a word as you embrace to a painful goodbye,
Isn't it odd? To say goodye, but never feel distant!

Monday, 9 November 2015


In the entirety of sanity,
In complete faith,
In utter belief,
In all my senses,
With hopes of rainbows,
With thoughts of joys,
All moments; splendid,
All minutes; divine,
My heart beats,
To the rythem of your breaths,
My soul captures,
Every second spent with you,
And in solace do I find,
All that I need, want and love,
Is You.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Small Catching up

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings,
                                                         How have you folks been? What is happening? My life is busy as a bee, now that I have a fixed routine and married life. Husband dropped me at my Ma's so here I am, writing something finally!
                                                         I realized the preciousness of this place after I got married. Whenever I come here, I literally become a bear. Since there ain't any routine here, I sleep in when ever I want to, eat the whole day, wear the most ridiculous clothes I can. I spent 21 years of my life here and at times, I still miss this place even though it's been long enough to be used to my actual home! I guess a piece of my heart still lives here!
                                                        Home although will always be the place where I now live, with my new family, that will always be my place. Home has a renewed meaning after marriage. 

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Miseries in the town of her heart

And she stood,
Between her walls,
The walls so tall,
Drowning aches
Down her throat,
Reaching her heart,
Lonliness engulfs,
Her poor soul,
Taking away,
It's grieving breaths,
Pains too deep,
And then she surrenders,
To pains,
And walls.
She surrenders.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Big News and announcements! :)

Assalam o Alaikum and greetings,
How are you all my fellows? I am so very sorry to have been away for so long. I have been terribly busy. Life has turned a whole new way and I am still adjusting.
Here is a big news my fellow amazing people, I got married!! Yes. Soo... I dont get time to read or write. I am still new to a lot of stuff here in my new home. Still making adjustments. And I still miss my mom's home. I really really miss it so much. It's been 4 months now that I am married.
My husband will sure be so happy to read that I have announced here that I got married! He has been waiting for this for a long time. :)
So yes, times are now different and things are running way faster then I could imagine! Hopefully I will now start making time to come here and write more often.

Cruel Heartaches

Headaches are curable... Gulp down two paracetamols and you are on the go...
Its the heartaches... They cant be cured... One has to go through all of it's dark phases, and at times, alone. It's the deep, raw, dark kind of pain that doesn't go away. That renews itself with every event. Thats one quality of it. Heartaches never go away, never fade in the background, never leave. Heartaches dont leave scars, they stay. Mostly, they deepen with the circumstances. They make sure, you dont forget them. Even in the happiest of times, these perhaps become the reason that you dont say it's perfect, because at the peak of your happiest laughter, there's a heartache that reminds you of itself.
Your glories, mights, powers, all surrender when, in your heart, there is a weeping, striking, drowning ache.
At times, these heartaches are so mean, they dont let you share them with any other soul. They make you the soul holder of them. They are strange, powerful. They rule over you, in lonliness, in crowds, in happiness, in sadness. They become a part of you. They make sure to get included in every phase of your life. They make sure you remember them. They are treacherous, cold, feroucious,  unyielding. They are heartaches...

Friday, 27 March 2015


No promises for the moon,
No red roses hidden in old books,
No lipstick marks on used tissue paper,
All she ever asked,
Was a smile,
A certain look in eyes,
A little help with the stairs,
A small gesture,
Which felt,
Just enough!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hate Crime against Muslims

Once again, my heart bleeds. Three young and innocent human beings were killed in a horrific terror attack in Chapel Hill. They were humans. They were Muslims. No body is batting an eye. They are not even calling that man a terrorist. Since the killer did not have a beard and those dead weren't non-Muslims, this news did not move the world. It was not made into any documentary. It simply did not matter as much. Reverse the scenario and the world would have gone crazy over it.
It was a hate crime. It was terrorism. I think some communities do need to go learn literacy, which, mind you, doesn't have anything to do with education. Mr. Hicks is an illiterate, hate filled, heartless person.

Why is it, that death of Muslims, be it any part of the world, does not matter as much? Are Muslims less of a human being? Are they less of a living and breathing body? Are they simply, that unnecessary to be ignored?

Muslim lives matter. Muslim lives count. Muslim lives are necessary.
I protest against such brutal and heart wrenching terrorist attack.
I protest against hate crime.

I stand with the family of our young martyrs. May ALLAH grant the martyrs the highest place in Jannah, and their families, patience and peace.
I hope we get justice, In Sha ALLAH.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Random day in February

Assalam O Alaikum and greetings!
These are the happenings and rants of a random day of my life!

  • Watching an old lady with her hair dyed with mehndi and perfectly balancing a big shopper on her head.
  • Disgusted with two guys wearing low waist jeans.
  • Having a lot of flu.
  • Not caring one bit about the flu and delving into favorite chocolate ice cream.
  • A guy in a bank's office using source to get some of his stuff done.
  • Sitting aimlessely in lobby and waiting.
  • Getting rejected to get the car parked in a certain restaurant's parking area and then getting perfect parking space RIGHT in front of the same restaurant.
  • More waiting.
  • More flu.
  • Useless honking by a stupid driver.
  • A frustrated guy in mobile service outlet.
  • Sitting in courier service outlet and just observing.
  • Stopping near home to buy some stuff and more waiting in the car.
  • Finding an old receipt in car and jotting all of this down on it's back.
  • Realizing we could've been home in about 30 minutes instead of 4 hours and 45 minutes if it wasn't for all that WAITING!  

Friday, 6 February 2015

My Lip Gloss Smile

I'd cry a thousand cries,
And you wouldn't know,
I'd laugh a thousand laughs,
And you wouldn't know,
Not that you don't look,
You look, but you don't see,
And I can put up,
My best show,
My glittering lip gloss smile,
My perfect shiny eyes,
And my looks would betray,
the feelings of my heart,
Because, for anyone who,
Looks but doesn't see,
Hears but doesn't listen,
All I can share is,
My lip gloss smile!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Dealing With Wrong Stuff

We all deal with troubled situations in life. It's one of the things that is common in everyone's lives.
There are people, who you interpret to be someone entirely different then who they actually are.
There will always be some people around, for whom, nothing will be enough. Who will never notice, who will never know. There will always be people who will be blind to efforts, and for them, nothing will suffice, nothing will be good.

In those tiring times, do not forget to remind, things you do are for your own self, for the sake of your own heart. All that you do should always matter more too you than to anybody else. The filthy tongues will keep hurting you, what matters more is how you handle the drama they create. You have to be a better person then them. You have to be your hero. You have to be your knight with the shining armour. You have to always remember, anyone else's words do not have the power to affect you unless, you allow them to.

Kindness is greatness. Be kind to your own heart before being kind else where. Let go of negetivities that aren't even created by you in the first place.

How ever hard it is for you to keep listening to their harsh words, never forget, your rewards, your appreciations and your acknowledgements will be from up the heavens and not from someone who is not even content with their own lives.
Everything that hurts today, will be healed tomorrow. Just have patience and wait for the best.

Remember, your heart deserves better then to cling to their bitterness.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Books and Stuff.

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings!
                                                         How are you all, my fellow humans? I hope everything is turning out to be great for all of you out there! Today I went for a book spree. Though because of shortage of time, I ended up only buying one book, but my best friend got four books. I bought 'Who's That Girl' by Alexandra Potter. It seems like a fun and jolly book, I have just started reading it. The writing style seems a bit like Sophie Kinsella's. Speaking of her, I am a huge fan! I have read almost all of her stand alone novels and they are great! Somehow I cant get my self to start any series. I have NEVER read any series and neither can I. I just don't have a thing for series. I think Sophie Kinsella's 'Twenties Girl' is one of her masterpieces and if you guys haven't already read it, you should give it a try! I wonder why a movie hasn't been been made out of it yet!! It's such a wonderful book.
                                                         Also, I am reading Ashfaq Ahmed's 'Zaavia' these days. I don't drown myself too much into it, it does get to be a bit dry, but I think it's one of those books that just makes kindness and love grow in you.

                                                           I am a huge fan of Umera Ahmed(like everyone else is'nt lol!)
She is an amazing writer. Besides Peer e kamil [Peace Be upon Him] which is everyone's favorite book these days, I think Laahasil stands out. It's story is very gripping. What I love about her novels is they are not all the same. Each one of them has a different story line and different writing plot, which I think is what makes her words shine.
                                                     There are also a lot of movies that are in my bucket. I have to watch 'Annie', 'Gone Girl', 'Penguins of Madagascar'. I hope I could watch these soon.
I have a really odd schedule these days that needs to be fixed up.

That's about it folks.
Sending love and prayers.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Blog's Facebook Page

Fellow humans, to keep up with the latest updates on my writings you all can like this blog's page on Facebook, by clicking Here. See you there! :)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Un named Thoughts.

I drown into the depths of my soul,
Disappear into thoughts too deep,
Vanish from the worldly chaos,

I let it all take over me,
I let it take me away,
I let it bury me deep,

I fly in the sea,
To the farthest ends,
I dive in the skies,
To the top most heights,

I find my bliss,
I find my peace,
I enrich my soul with it,
Until the next time...

Monday, 12 January 2015

'Freedom of Speech' INSULT ACTUALLY.

Freedom of speech should NEVER be an excuse to insult/hurt someone flat on their face. RESPECT is hard to find these days.