Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Proudly Presenting: Changing perspectives on Muslim Women

A student in the US made a video for her project, which shows my blog giving out the message that Muslim women are not caged, that we are as free as we should be. I realize this is a greater opportunity than I thought, Social media makes more difference than it seems like, it changes perspectives and thoughts of many. I will try bringing up more positivity and goodness about Muslims and Pakistan so that people would know, we're good folks as normal and as humane as we should be!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hey, Facebookers

To everybody who is here through my status,
Boo yaaahhhhh!! :D
Yes, Here this is, my place.
I know it's a bit too late to be telling you (soon-to-be-two-years Precisely)
But I have never been a very open person. I have always been shy and reserved about my writings and drawings. Before you point out a mistake, do know, that I am still new at this. Before you say its good.. well.. go ahead and say because I know I am awesome! :D
Thankyou that you dropped by, mushkil waqt mein wesay bhi apnay hi kaam atay hain, aap logon k anay se meray pageviews aur khoon dono bohat barhay hain, Shukriya! :D
Aur ye k itni casual posts main yehan kerti nahien hun, yahan meri shakhsiyat khaasi mukhtalif hai, Magar for you... :p
Now that you are here, explore, I hope you all will like it, not that it is extra amazing or that I write real good. But only because this place is created with hope, dreams and love.

I see you

When passes a shadow, thats full of light
I see you.
When I sleep, in my dreams,
I see you
Every passing moment, every passing day,
I see you.
In pictures divine, back in the sands of time,
I see you.
When the dark covers the light, when nothing comes to sight,
I see you.
Not a word, not a tear, not a cry,
But, its all true,
That I see you.
I see you smile, I see your pride,
I see you, even in the times not so bright.
When after a tiring day, I lay on my bed,
Giving me hope, I see you.
When things go wrong and people fight,
Helping me up again, I see you.
My tears have dried, cleared my eyes,
I feel you near and I see YOU!