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I Think opportunities sometimes reach you but sometimes, you have to create opportunities.
It has a lot to do with your abilities, aspirations, passion, dream and struggle!

Talking about abilities and Skills, I think sometimes skills are less but the passion and dream are somethings that overcome the lack of skills, Personally I think Passion for something is more important then the skills.

I live in a place where every field you choose does'nt have a professional future, so people in general, don't choose their degree subject by what they want or like, they choose by what subject or field has a high career choice in it. I don't like that.

I think intelligence does'nt have a lot to do with grades, schools or universities. Intelligence has a lot to with how you tackle life, what decisions you make and how you deal with difficult situations in life. Intelligence has a broader horizon then grades and tests.

The changes in life lead you to be a better person, but it's your own choice, you'd sit and become a bully or you rather learn and decide to not let this happen to others and work for it.

I'm not a very career oriented person, I'm more of a homebird. To me, family is and always will be the first priority in life no matter where I go and what I do.

Growing up does'nt have connection with maturity. Maturity comes from within and from the experiences you get in life. Maturity is also not how you and I behave in front of others, Maturity is when we know our grounds, when we set the rules for ourselves, when we learn the boundries and still stay young. it does'nt have anything to do with age.

I Don't think age is just a number, I think you should have a certain grace and elegance when you grow. It's not a good idea to be 25 & dress and speak like 16. One should have this certain grace which comes to them every passing year. Age ain't a number, Age is a style and you should know well how to carry it beautifully.

Growing up in streets of Karachi, I've seen so much, good to bad times. Despite going through so much, I love how it still welcomes every person, every season, every festival. This city has the ability to not say No. It bleeds and burns but the next day, it Stands up and Starts all over again with dreams glowing bright in the eyes! I love how people try helping everyone. Karachi has it's own beautiful culture and it has a welcome note for every one and it's hands open for a massive hug saying, It'll be alright.

Talking about Karachi so much, I don't mean other cities are'nt nice, it's just that I was born and grew up here so naturally i love it to bits. I love whole Pakistan just as much!

 My favourite season is winter, I just so love winter! I love to have my feet in blanket a hot mug of coffee in one hand and a good book in other. I love the serenity that comes with the season. Everything is in it's own bliss.Though Winter for me, brings flu, cough, sneezes and Coffee!

Being 19 is fun. You get to enjoy a bit of everything. A bit of being young. A bit of being a lady.

My friends are a treasure for me. There are only two people who know me truly in the whole world. I love you guys to bits <3

Blogging was a beautiful thing that happened to me and my blogger friends are so awesome, I love how I get comments on stuff and then our whole conversation starts. I promise I won't let you guys down! 








P.s I like Taylor swift because she's humble, down to earth and sings amazing songs!

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  1. This Is So Lovely, Your Ideas, Your Thoughts. I Wish I Could Write Such A Comprehensive Bio Of Myself But Well, I'd Rather Just Copy/Paste Yours. :P

    We Should Hangout Sometimes And Have Some Awesome Chocolate Filled Muffins With Awesomely Crafted Coffee. :3

    1. Hey thanks... Before writing this I thought the same about myself, but go ahead and give it a try, I know you can write it more awesome then mine!! You could copy paste IF these thoughts are yours too... But don't forget to Mention my page there, So I could get more traffic!! =D

      yea We should hangout... in Wonderland, sometime.. What say?! :D

    2. Oh No, I Have One For Quite A Long Time:

      Not A Very Big Fan Of Open Thought, Am I? :P

    3. Could'nt understand your High Intellect :p Sorry! :D

    4. And why does'nt that page has a comment box?

    5. Activated. :P Now You Can Comment On Foolishly Crafted Wizardry. :D

    6. GODD!! Foolishly Crafted Wizardy!!! Thank goodness I'm not a harry porter fan!

    7. how do you come up with all this then? :p

    8. I'm Stuck In Time. YEAH! 8)

  2. Replies
    1. I don't put my pictures up on any website.. *sorry* :(

      But hey I'm no different than most people, If you have vivid imagination power than You can Imagine me as an average height girl, Hair covered in Scarf, a pair of specs, sometimes lenses, mmm that's it I guess!

  3. I'm amazed that you're only 19 but speak with so much maturity. I'm glad I found your blog! :-)

    1. Hey there, thankyou! I said there: maturity does'nt have connection with the age!!
      This post was written last year when I Was 19.. I just turned 20 this year!


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