Friday, 28 June 2013

First Birthday Guest Post By BFF.

Assalam O alaikum and greetings people!
It's been a year in june since I first created my blog. Wow!

So A very very *Happy Birthday* to my dear little blog! :)


Picture : google

Courtesy: google,com

I made these! *wink wink* :D

Here's A Guest Post By My BFF!
Thankyou for writing that for me!
I love you!


  Beautiful and simple are the words cross my mind as I open your blog.

" I vanish Here" is the name but my humble suggestion is to change it as " I Shine Here".

Your posts are such a crystal clear reflection of you and that is the best aspect of your blog.

It have been a year you are active on this blog so, congratulations dear!.


 I always wanted you to share your poetry your articles and your sketches with people but you and your stupid reserved nature. You and your private corner where others are not allowed until you permit. One fine day Allah Almighty bestowed you with a pinch of wisdom and you started blogging.


Keep writing Rafya because there are so many colors you have left, to put to the spin on. Please be regular and best of luck!!

Also I am on the look out for some guest posts.. People please throw in a comment and write a guest post for me! 


  1. Salaam x
    I recently finished my first year too. Blogs are like our babies haha.
    Anyway congrats. And I have some time on my hands. So more than ready for a guest post. Let me know hun.
    Love x

    1. Hey, Happy Birthday to your blog! :)
      Yeah true that!hahaa!
      Please do write up something & mail it to me via Thank you for the favor! :)

  2. Awww, this remind me of my friend and myself. I was always reluctant to share my words, with the same "stupid reserved nature!You and your private corner where others are not allowed until you permit".

    My friend pushed me into the blogging world and I am glad she and your friend did so!

    Happy anniversary to your blog! I can feel your happiness!

    1. Oh these best friends, These amazing best friends.. blessed we are to have them! :)

      Thankyou! :)


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