Sunday, 30 March 2014

I am still here

Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings,
                                               So Sorry to have been away for such a long time, I just don't feel like sharing anymore. Times have changed, so has my perspective about a lot of things.

I have not been writing lately, not even in my personal diary anymore. I just cant feel the same way about it. Before, writing used to give me peace and comfort. It was a way I could let my inner storms out, now, its all different. It seems like writing is no more able to give me what I want, my inner storms are so deep inside I cant find a way to let them out, they are etched within and I am not really able to find a passage to let them out. But it doesn't mean this blog means anything less to me. This blog made me able to do and think what I could not have otherwise. This place has a magic of its own and nobody else will ever be able to understand. This blog is my baby and it means a lot to me!!

Life after October has been harder then any part of me could imagine. There's been happy moments too, yes, but incomplete. Every happiness, every occasion, every event is incomplete. Just when I started thinking my life is perfect, everything became imperfect forever. From that day on, I am and will never be able too label any event or any thing as 'perfect'. The word is long gone from my dictionary.

But I am happy, at least everything is visible through dreams. This is all I have now.. This is all I will ever have from now on.


  1. Good blog you've got here :D
    Well according to me, nearly perfect is better than perfect since you often find happiness in the imperfections of life.

    1. I find happiness and imperfection/perfection two completely different things. Happiness is just felt, it has'nt got anything to do situations.
      Anyway, the context I wrote is completely different!
      Thanks for dropping by!! :)

  2. Wow. I probably shouldn't say that, but that whole text was sad and deep.

    I sincerely wish your problems solve themselves out and let you be truthfully happy. I pray all turns out perfect for you again =)

    Much love xx

    1. Its okay to say that, infact its good that you said that. It made me know you understood everything so well.
      Thankyou for dropping by.
      Love back!! :)

  3. Please dont stop blogging. Even one post a month is good enough to stay connected to your readers.


    Do drop by mine. Updated it only last night.

    1. I wont stop blogging but I might have these long breaks in between. Thankyou for dropping by. Its the readers' encouragment that makes me want to come back here!
      I sure will visit your place soon INSHALLAH! :)

  4. Hello Rafya - I get what you mean, I totally do. This is a curse for bloggers who write in personal niche usually. Sometimes I feel like "Blogging isn't helping me or anybody else" but out of no where when I hear somebody appreciating me is what makes me stick around. My point is, Just when you think that your intended goals are not being achieved through blogging, you are not getting satisfaction? Think about some people who might be having some relief or a bit of enjoyment reading that same article you wrote :). You Ma'am, do make a difference. It is a good thing going on here because of You. Sure have your breaks and keep popping back when you feel like it. You have some readers who check your blog to see what's new here. By the way "Grey's anatomy?" Common I hate that show :) try King of queens or White Collar next time, Hey This is Neman, One of your readers.

    1. Thankyou, my readers' appreciation gives me a boost. Thanks much for buck up.
      I like Castle too. I tried watching White collar but it was in the middle already and the story was too messed up to be understood by my tiny brain!
      Thankyou for dropping by. Your comment means alot and does make a positive difference even in my personal life! :)

  5. happiness even in its mildest, most insignificant and unnoticeable forms is still a prize, cherish it!!
    take a break, writing comes around to be the same cathartic as always, after sometime.
    hope you are doing good nowadays. :)

  6. You seem to be more practicable! keep up the good work!

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