Thursday, 28 February 2013


I stand there..
In the mist that's dark,
It's shadows, grey,
My face is all pale,
Their hungry eyes stare
Their claws grip me
giving me unbearable pain
I try getting free from the grasp
I fall down
My blood all over
I fall.
With their words I bleed,
With their words I die

GOD is with Me.

She was in the kitchen making his favorite Jalapeno burger for him. She wanted it to be simple but beautiful. Small but loving. She wanted it to be special. She'd ordered the cake already. After cooking it took her about two hours to get ready... She'd always been indecisive and mostly relied upon him for all her matters. But today was different. As was the day when she had to say the final yes. A decision to become his soul-mate. She did not even think before saying yes. For the first time, her mind, her heart, her soul, her body all in unison said yes.
Today was different, it was special. It was a surprise. She wanted to look special for him. She took alot of time to decide what will she wear. He'd bought a dozen of expensive dresses for her, mostly of his favourite colours. She wore the peach one. She loved it's flares, it's long flowy design and the delicate work on it. When She was finally done with her hair, makeup and jewellery, she looked up in the mirror. She smiled. She looked beautiful. She knew. She picked up her sandals from her rack when she heard the door lock opening. She struggled, juggling between wearing her sandals and rushing downstairs. She wanted to be there, ready.

She wanted to be there for him, always....

He was mesmerized. She looked the most beautiful woman on earth. All he thought was, he was lucky she belonged to him. Surprised, he came forward. She laughed and stepped aside. his favorite cake was at the table. She sang him Happy Birthday and together they enjoyed the meal. Only the two of them. Though he did not eat much. He was always keen on his fitness.
"It was amazing, thank you". This was what he said, when they went to bed. She left her sentence in the middle "no nee..." He was already asleep. It may have been a busy day. She was very understanding.
Next morning, she was sipping coffee he'd made for both of them. She got up to bring the day's newspaper when a sudden pang bursted in her chest. She screamed and fell down, her hands on her chest. She was now unconscious.
                                                             . . . . .

                                                     15  Days Later

Reports had arrived. It was cancer. Lung cancer. he'd been an avid smoker since his teenage. When his mother died he caught a bad company and started smoking. Once his dad caught him with his friends. He made him got rid of those friends but smoking could never go away. It was now a part of him. She'd been passive smoker. She inhaled the smoke and  caught cancer. It was last stage. She was now in hospital.

                                                           .  .  .  .  .

                                                   Few Days Later

'You know, when you're in tough times, not even God is with you.' He'd once said.
Now she was lying on her hospital bed, thinking if God was with her or not.
She was tired and weak. She looked exhausted, pale. Cancer had taken it's toll over her. Her beauty was now nowhere. Dark circles beneath her eyes, pale skin, weakness, that was all they could see in her now.
He came in. He was depressed. It looked like he did not sleep. She stretched her hand, longing. Even though it took energy, something that was now precious for her. He did not even look at her hand. He grabbed a chair and sat beside her bed. He'd stopped bringing flowers for her. She never complained.

"Look", he began " I know it's hard for you. You're in pain, but it's even harder for me. I have so many responsibilities and I've been ignoring them. My life is disturbed because of you. I can't concentrate on anything. I've not been able to attend any party with my friends. I've had to cut down on my gym hours because of you. It's hard and I'm suffering. My friends, my office, my work, my fitness everything is being ignored because I've to take care of you. I can't carry on with you. I've thought over it alot of times and I've decided. I can't... I can't do it any more. I hope you understand."

With those words he left. He was not even sorry. She could'nt even cry. She could not believe. Shock, pain, sorrow, misery, wretch, she did not know. The world had stopped. Everything stopped.

The door opened again. A familiar feminine figure appeared, it rushed towards her and hugged her tight. Only then she realised... It was her best friend who was reposted here in the city again. She held her hand. They did not exchange any word. They just looked at each other and cried. They understood each other so perfectly well.

Lying on the hospital bed, holding her best friend's hands, she shouted, "GOD is with me, you hear that?!! GOD IS WITH ME!!"

                                           * * * * *

Okay people... This was the first-ever story writing attempt of my life. I've never written any story before. I need your comments and appreciation and positive criticism and ways to improve it.

Over and Out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!


Sunday, 24 February 2013

. . . . .

Somehow, I know,
I'll get it over with,
May not be hopefull,
But will never be hopeless...

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

All over again

Don't you feel, we're losing it,
Don'tyou feel, we're getting apart,
Don't you feel, we're just not the same,
Don't you feel, it's all on the edge now,
So, come to me, I yearn for you
Hold me tight, keep me in your arms,
Make me the same,
Make me yours, All Over Again!

Thursday, 20-9-2012

Initially I did not want to post this, but now I am.
It's an incomplete piece I wrote in my genetics class last year. I have an odd habit of writing things down with date, day and even TIME!!
I hope I will get appreciation and positive criticism will be highly appreciated from you guys!
P.S I feel happy to be back here again! I missed my place!

Over and Out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!

My Imaginations...

Assalam O Alaikum and greetings!

Today I want to write about my imaginations.. old imaginations and stories I created in my mind when I was very very young, which had no practical realities but I was too immature back then to think about it!
I used to listen to radio. I was an avid radio listener. So there's one day, I'm in school in the most boring class and I imagined my self as a radio jockey and let me tell you people, I have a very vivid and an-almost-real sort of imagination.
I start my own story in my head about how I would interview people and how I would take public reaction and how I would interact with my fans and how I would love their appreciation.
And since that day I started making up whole scenarios in my mind about it. I used to create the scenes of it and loved it.
I loved the part where I'd interview my favorite people. I love knowing people who I usually interact with or want to interact with. I love asking people about their perception on things, people, life.
It amazes me of how much I STILL want to put in the interview part somewhere in my life because I'm so intrigued by human mind and it's thoughts. The thought that everyone is same and almost even reacts the same but is still a different person amazes me.
I don't want to be an RJ anymore but I would love, Absolutely love to interview some people and that would be un publicly, just for me.
People I'd want to interview would be  Umera Ahmed, Samiya Mumtaz, Taylor Swift, A couple of my teachers, some characters from books and the list goes on...
These are people I want to know more about.

Over and Out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!