Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dream of Library, It's a Stupid Post.

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings!
        It's been a while since I wrote anything cool.... I have my first year finals in december, I have no confidence and everything I learn, I forget it the next day, don't tell me to write what i learn because there's not enough time left... I hate physical chemistry.. So it's prep is'nt as good.
So this post is going to be very random.

Going back to the Randoms.... You know, these days I've got this weird habit of adding 'stupid' with everything like "Where are my stupid slippers?" or "I want a stupid glass" or "The stupid phone is'nt working".
 I have absolutely no idea why on earth do I say this!!

I got Cheddar Cheese Spread And I'm deeply in love with it. I love cheese actually. I can eat cheese anywhere and anyplace, trust me!!

I broke my glasses a few days back, now Thank God I had another pair for back up otherwise I'd be doomed... Imagine me going to college with out specs... A step here, a step there and then some ear piercing sound of car brakes and BOOSHHH!!!! this blogger girl would'a been GONE!!!

I act way below my age when I'm with my elder siblings, I literally become a baby. I think it's high time I should behave myself. But then... You know I somehow just can't control it, waisey bhi agar koi nakhrey utha raha ho tou faida uthana chahiyay aisay naadir moqay ka.

I have'nt read a good book since ages. Once I get over with some stuff, I'll InshaALLAH buy some books. Actually I'll buy ALOT of books.

I have this one weird dream of having a white library, in which chair and table are ok to have but a Small bed is MUST  To have. Yeahh a bed in a library. It's cozy and more comfortable to read in bed rather then chair. The library MUST be white. full White, No combo just white. That's an awkward dream I just shared with you guys.

I can't wear... Okay this is something you'd not expect coming out of a 19 year old girl's blog but , well, uhh...
High heels, Low heels, NO HEELS! just Flat! I feel like I'll fall. I can't walk in heels. I look like a lunatic dying for balancing herself when I walk in heels. If I ever wear heels, they must not be very high and the sandal have to have a strap at the ankle for support, other wise, I'm not wearing it.

I want to be 2 feet taller than I am now.

I guess this is it then...
I hope I did'nt bore you guys.
please pray for me, my stupid exams!

Over And Out With A Promise To Bring Something Good to You Next Time!


  1. If You're Having A Dream Of Having A Library Then You Should Join Me In My Lofty Quest Of Building A Library. :P[Okay, That's Exaggeration]

    My Exams Are Starting From Next Week And I'm Gonna Fail In Them With Very High Hopes. ^_^ So Good Luck To You Too. :p

    1. Okay...Here we go, you work upon it's construction & architecture & I will work on it's decor & designing, okay??
      Do you agree it should be white?

      All the best to you for your exams!!

    2. I Don't Know What Color It Should Be, But We'll See When We Make It. :P

    3. Okay... In dreams. Tonight! :D

  2. LOL! You are just so bubbly and energetic to me!! I like that! I too, have a tendency to act less my age.. I am 27 too!! So fun is great and you should be proud!! There's a time and place for everything, being good, being bad, having fun, and then simmering down when needed! It keeps life interesting!! I have weird dreams all the time so don't feel bad!! Glad you had a back up pair of glasses to use.. Would hate to see you get hurt.. :) Thanks for following me!! I am now following your blog as well!!! Take care!!! I'll definitely be back too by the way!!

    1. Thankyou for visiting Crystal!

      I think you are right, there is a time for everything!

  3. Good post, just a little bit too random :P. One thing I would like to add : Heels are the stupidest things ever made and they even affect the body of the wearer in a negative way so stay away from them for your own good.

    1. Heels are'nt just a luxury or style, for those who make it it's a science... Unfortunately, Here in our country it is not so... they just make heels :(

  4. Hey,
    I am new to your blog,i found it kinda interesting..
    I would want to own a library too someday it should have mahogany racks and hand painted large windows and insanely innumerable books,and every morning i would like to wake up with the light of the first rays of the sun through my hand painted windows...
    Hope that wasn't boring! :)

    1. Heyy
      Welcome Aboard Sonia!
      not ay all was that boring! I lovereading or listening to people's ideas about their places...


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