Sunday, 6 January 2013


Assalam O alaikum And Greetings!
                                       How have you been folks? How has life been treating y'all? I need updates from all of you because I've been away and busy like a bee.
Missed me? Pleased to know that! :D

I've been busy with papers and then with a family wedding coming up... Shoppings and stuff.. My clothes STILL are'nt done!!

I'll give you a pictorial tour of everything I did!

I had coffee!

had it with Kurleez, And did this afterwords! :D



And ate Snacks while studing.. Made it better!

Once we were on our way to shopping and saw this!

Rickshaw full of Red and Pink roses!

I tried making A cake but it turned out so bad So I did this with it!

And they thought it was a style!

And I went to Alot of shopping Sprees!

Went shopping, I love this stall By the way!

they're worth 10,000 only because they DESIGNER shoes, hell!!


Shoes.. so many of them


 I sometimes studied like this!
with the laptop.. lol!

And I would share a pic with you guys of my childhood!!


More updates to come.... Very Soon!

over and out to bring something good to you next time! :)


  1. my sister just got married off recently and your own clothes are always the last. It's so unfair!
    Pleasant little blog you've got here, by the way! :)

  2. Lovely blog and you were so cute in your childhood.
    visiting you first time and i enjoy my visit.
    i am also happy that i find another great lady who is representing Pakistan on net.
    Glad to follow you and i think you feel the same when you visit my blog.
    with love...

    1. Thanks... NO way, I 'm STILL cute, OKAY?? :D
      keep visiting!
      I sure will try coming at your place soon! :)


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