Monday, 29 July 2013

And you would know.

And You would know in an instant...
You would know who is yours.
You would know who cares.
You would know who just says and who really acts.
The house of words would fall so hard.
The tower of act would only get stronger.
A time will come and you will realize, you will know.
Reality comes crashing down and hits you hard.
Those caring, will still be caring, those loving, will still be loving.
Just that a few names will be omitted.
Just that some people will be your history.
Just that some people will make it into the past.
Just that your heart will hurt alot-
But you will know, it's still a blessing.
It's still good. Because you got to know.
In disguise, you'll realize,
Who writes 'your's truly' and who really is.


  1. Its just how you see life. Its okay Life is like that. You don't have to be so emotional! :)

    1. The problem, Miss Ridx is that I AM a very very emotional person. I won't be able to move on if I would try to make myself less-emotional. It's just a part of me! :)


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