Saturday, 31 August 2013

I told my Teacher!

Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings!
                                         How are you guys?
I wanted to share something with you guys! You know what!? I went to my teacher's office and I ASKED HER MYSELF IN PERSON TO READ MY BLOG AND READ MY POST. It's a big deal people, It's a BIG deal.
It took me alot of courage to do that. I am a shy person. I roamed around her office for like 1 hour and tried to talk to her like 12 times but ended up returning back to the benches outside. Yes, I know, I am a chicken. But finally I did get brave enough to go ask her. I wanted it to be anonymous.. since she does'nt know me by my first name before saying it to her I messaged her on facebook, but she could'nt reply or visit the page. So me being impatient as ever, today, I talked to her. So... My letter does'nt get to be anonymous letter. But she is going to read it and that's actually what matters!
She smiled entire time I talked to her! She is so nice. She is such a wonderful person. I am so blessed to be her student and I am sooooo thankful for it. :') My day has been Amazing! :')
I smiled the entire way home! and one woman even eyed me suspiciously if I was smiling at a guy or something! :D hahaaa!! 
After I talked to her, I was literally shivering, butterflies in my stomach... what not! I wish she finds time to read the actual post on my blog!
For those of you who don't know what I posted for my teacher can see it here: My tribute to her


  1. OMG!!!! THAT IS AWESOME. You sure need a whole lot of courage to do that. Brave. You are awesome. I hope your teacher will love you even more.

    PS: Its okay. I just saw your comments on my blog. Yar I emailed you. Didn't you get it? In fact I was waiting for your reply. :/

    1. Ridx SHE read it!!! LIKE OMG YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
      NO, I did'nt get it.. mail me


  2. Hahaha, wow. I can feel it. The fear :D I wouldn't dare ask my teacher to read my blog :D But it's great!! The tribute was wonderful as well. Good luck! :)

    1. Thankyou! Yes phew.. I am STILL having butterflies in my stomach! GOSH!


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