Thursday, 10 April 2014

I see you

When passes a shadow, thats full of light
I see you.
When I sleep, in my dreams,
I see you
Every passing moment, every passing day,
I see you.
In pictures divine, back in the sands of time,
I see you.
When the dark covers the light, when nothing comes to sight,
I see you.
Not a word, not a tear, not a cry,
But, its all true,
That I see you.
I see you smile, I see your pride,
I see you, even in the times not so bright.
When after a tiring day, I lay on my bed,
Giving me hope, I see you.
When things go wrong and people fight,
Helping me up again, I see you.
My tears have dried, cleared my eyes,
I feel you near and I see YOU!


  1. beautiful verses ,love you my doll! keep it up

    1. Thankyou, love you loads too! thanks for visiting. <3

  2. I miss him a lot too,MAY ALLAH REST HIS IN PEACE.


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