Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hopes, Omens and Amusements

Assalam O Alaikum and greetings!
                                                        How are you all doing? I am doing great. I am in Saudi Arabia these days and this is an amazing place truely. A pictorial tour might come to your end when I go back to Karachi, Pk in august. As for now, I am enjoying my time here.
                           The thing that influences me most are words. Words spoken or written are very influential though in my case written words are huge and important. Usually when I cant communicate something directly, I'd write it down for that person and you guys actually have seen that example here on the blog. I read the book Alchemist By Paulo Coehlo long time ago and Omens were discussed profusely in it. Now I am experiencing this strangely amazing thing, I am thinking a negative aspect in my mind or I am feeling dishearted or low, somehow words, strangthening-words show up, somehow they do. It is someone's whatsapp profile picture, A verse from Quran on facebook, a quote picture on facebook or just somehow words pop up and it's just so... strange and.. beautiful. One example that I could tell you all is I keep a really small paper below my mobile cover and my cover is transparent so I can actually see the paper beneath it easily. I write things to myself that I think if I ever read would give me positivity, some people call me crazy for doing this. The line I wrote on that paper is: 'Tomorrow will be yours... Don't give up'. I'd lost that paper when I came here. Now I was thinking how I try getting over one bad thing and the second comes up and how I am just tackling it and stuff and I look at the floor and I see this paper which has these words: 'Tomorrow will be yours... Don't give up' It's the same piece of paper I thought I lost. And I am JUST AMUSED. I am awe-struck wondering Has this been happening since forever or am I so late to notice? Anyways I picked my paper up stuck it under my cover again. See, the thing is Never lose hope. I know in my heart, God Almighty has been sending those good omens, letting me know, He knows and understands. I feel blessed, Alhumdulillah! & fellows this is just one example I have given you, there are numerous happening that I don't even remember.
                                I know, things happen, you loose people, you fail at things, alot of stuff goes crazy bad, but hey, dont lose hope! Times will change, things will get better, they might never be the same again, but they will be okay. Perfect just comes once!
I know I got a lot of catching up to do with you all and I am sorry I interact alot less then I used to. I litterally find it hard to share things now, which is odd. I dont know how but during this last paragraph something bumped into my mind. You all writers out there know, when you are writing something, you have a specific tone, voice for it and then somebody is reading something written by you and they are not reading it like that and you go thinking in your mind: Man! They got it wrong!! LOL It happens with me. I write something and I read it in one particular way and then someone else reads it in entirely different way and I say to myself: They killed my thing!!
Anndddd this brings me to thinking if you even got my joke or not!
                             Alot of times I try being cooler and think of scheduling my posts but as soon as I write one I just can not wait to throw it out there and get y'all's reviews on it and the page views and stuff! I don't even know if it's 'cooler' to schedule a post or not.. Err.. I just wrote it, just like that!

I guess I talked alot. So for now, I am going away. Hey! Ramadan is appraoching, So Ramadan Mubarak\Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim fellows out there. I hope and pray you all make most of it and get great rewards for all your deeds and get to enjoy a fabulous Eid! Don't forget to pray for the Ummah,specially for the Ummah in trouble (Palestine, Kashmir and others).

May ALLAH grant us all Emaan!


  1. Ohh Rafia you are an Amazing writer Masha Allah. May Allah bless you with peace , happiness , good health and success. Aameen.. love
    Ur BFF :-)

    1. Dear BFF, it's your pride in me that makes me shine keeps me going, your love and your prayers make things get better in my lufe, if it was'nt for who'd have been there to be completely senseless but entirely awesome with me. Its things like these that make me really happy, thankyou for being there and doing what you do, love you to bits! :*


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