Monday, 15 December 2014

Believing in the Miracle of Your Own Soul

Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings!
                             Today, I want to talk about an insanely pathetic line I came across on facebook, which made my mind cringe with annoyance. The line was in Urdu transcript and read as 'Aurat ki qismat ka inhesar uskay husn e surat, husn e seerat, taleem, samajhdari ya mohabbat par nahien bal k uski zindagee mein shamil honay walay mard per hota hai' (The fate of a woman does not depend on her beauty, nature, education, maturity or love but rather depends on the man who enters her life).

I cannot believe such state of minds still exist. Why have the 'fate' succumbed to the men? Why have the brains gotten caged to marriage/men?

I feel sorry for the one who wrote it and the one who believes in it. I am NOT at all saying women should go wild with freedom but this..? This is something that should not be taught, not anymore. Each and every woman should believe in their selves, believe that they do have a life of their own, a personality and a mind set. They should believe in their selves before believing in the men they get attached to. Believe in your talents, believe in your skills, believe in your heart. Know your strengths and weaknesses, know your own power, spark lights with in yourself. You have a soul and a life even before a spouse enters your life. Do you lose it afterwards? Or do you not have it before?

I am not saying that you should over dominate/ over look your better halves, drive them crazy with the demands of freedom or anything. I do acknowledge the fact that spouses have a huge role in our lives. Women and men both have a lot of duties when it comes to their other halves, which should be fulfilled with a smile not only on the face but in the heart too. I am just saying no one should belittle themselves in process. I am trying to convey that women should not succumb to being a nothing after the addition of a man in their lives.

I think we women have a greater responsibility than men in shaping our society because we are the ones who create and bring up generations, I want those generations, irrespective of males and females, to believe in the miracle of their own souls. I want, that women raise a generation that is full of hope and sunshine, full of talent and encouragement. I want our generations to look forward to life rather then only day dreaming about their respective spouses. When women will believe in themselves only then, will they be able to have stronger relationships and will better understand their spouses. When you know yourself better, only then will you be able to know the other person. Believing in yourself is important in building relationships.

Believe in yourself.

In the end, I would like to give a shout out to a very special friend, Ms Zaidi for doing what she did. It took bigger space in my heart then you know, Thank you for caring! 

Hope to see you soon again! :)
Sending love and hope and smiles your way! :)


  1. Superb thought! I'm inspired. You have the ability to think out of the box. That's great.
    The current situation of the Muslim world requires women of your mindset! Great thought - and need not to mention - expressed lucidly!

    1. Thanks a bunch for your kind words. The appreciation of my readers is what keeps me going! :)

  2. No need of thanks lady! You deserve the appreciation. Infact we should thank you for producing artistic masterpieces. :-)

  3. Ali Asghar Ghani

    I am battling with two states of mind

    Sanity and insanity

    In sanity, I being slave

    To society, materialistic desires

    Within madness, I locate

    My true self and

    Absolute freedom


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