Wednesday, 8 June 2016

From A Mother, To Another!

With all it's beginings,
Life began,
After so many years,
Life began,
So many firsts,
So many lasts,
Life began,
Time is precious,
Time is fast,
This will all go by,
before I know,
Then I'll remember, years ago,
Life Began,
I'll remember all the firsts,
I'll remember all the lasts,
I'll remember the journey,
and all it's days,
When times were tough,
When times didn't move,
When times were happy,
On a roller coaster ride,
And I'll say to myself,
Oh how beautifully,
My life began!

                       This ladies and gentlemen, is a small way of announcing that my journey as mother began about 6 months ago and really, life began, when I welcomed my precious little daughter in this world!

                      The journey from a woman to a mother changed me 360°. Little did I know, I'll not only fall in love with my daughter all that much but I'll love my own mum like I've never loved before.

                       To my mum I'd say, Thankyou Ammi! Thank you for raising me the right way despite of all that you went through! Times had been tough, You and I both suffered, we went through so much, but in the end, storms passed, skies cleared, rainbow did shine down on us!
                      Soon after, we lost our hero, but I because of you and you because of me, stood firm and cleared the test. Because of you, I am here. I couldnt have done that without you.
                      Thank you Ammi, for raising me the way I'd want to raise my daughter. You set the standards, You built the foundations. You made it easier, happier. I've never seen a woman as strong as you! Thank You Ammi, for all the love. Thank You Ammi, for being my rock, even now!

                       And as I cry, typing all of this, I am sure my siblings feel the same way! Ammi, we're all humble and Thankful to you for all the struggles you went through with raising us and making us who we are today! We love you to the moon and back!

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  1. Congratulations Rafya! All my love and best wishes to you and your little angel.


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