Thursday, 8 June 2017

Men Being Equal to Women

                                       The day men learn women do not dream equality, will be the day a lot of things will sort themselves out. You see the problem here is, the egos of men, their pride, makes them think the women are trying to compete with them to be equal to them. Where as, woman, they just strive and struggle to be where they deserve to be. A place they could own with pride, understood and cared for. No smart woman wants to be equal to man.
                                     We know, who we are and where we stand, least it's not equal to man. We give you generations, we look after your children, we teach them life, more over, we look after you, that my fellows is far away from being 'equal' to you.
                                      Equal? No. Because two entirely different bodies made from entirely different substances can not be compared, hence, no question of being equal or not.
                                       You go glorifying man-hood with pain, they go glorifying themselves with love. You still don't understand: No equality needed.
                                        Men, made from blood and gore and women made from emotion. They're two different creatures. Women don't want to be equal to men, they just want to be beside men doing their own job, with pride, courage and dignity.
                                          I don't know from where does this question of women being equal to men came from, but this is utter non-sense. Men build houses and women make it home. Men give cash and women turn it into food. Men give emotions even they themselves don't understand, women turn it into love.
                                        So all you glorious men, next time someone tries to kill your man-pride by comparing two creatures, tell them: We're Incomparable!


  1. There is nothing wrong competing girls with boys in practical life, like education, skills and at office. Being good and respectful has nothing to do with gender, it could be boy, it could be a girl. In fact I define good, being as, who has been written good in book of God, it has nothing to do with gender.
    We both gender ultimately have to live together then I don’t understand the fight. Men are not made of blood and gore that’s very harsh. I would never use such words for girls, I’ve been given birth by a girl. Girls are beautiful and equally intelligent and home is empty without them, most of the Pakistan's girls are adorable. The winner is who will be granted forgiveness from God.
    You think it’s men who are cruel only, what about those women who have been involveD in newborn kidnapping from hospitals, see it could be any body on the other hand men who drop acid on girls, again it could be any body. Let me put this into perspective. You think we don’t suffer. I don’t believe in words and cosmetic, I believe in facts AND SUBSTSNCE
    70000 got killed and 200000 Handicap in Pakistan, 80% of them were men what about them. Who is taking bullets at borders, how many female drug addict you have seen, how many girls smoke and use drugs in Pakistan. You consider we have freedom, but we pay price for this freedom. Being remain outside expose us to elements like drugs, smoking, drinking list just goes on. God will not judge us by our gender, but by our heart, we both have heart. One thing I have learnt in life don’t judge people don’t give verdict. This belongs to God. I believe in mankind, seeing someone happy makes me happy regardless of gender.

    1. No, sir. You don't understand. The point of this post was just to make people realize there is no comparison between men and women. The 'blood and gore' reference was only made to explain masculinity and all in positive manners. Men and women are completely different creatures, they are not made to be compared. Us women, we do not wish equality. We just wish for a place in the society/home/hearts where we deserve to be, that does not mean equal to men.
      Again, I am not judging men or women, it's Allah's act, nor am I anyone to give verdicts. All I am trying to convey is two different kinds can not be equal.


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