Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Pictures! Very Random Ones.

Assalam o aliakum And Greetings!
    So how are you? How's Ramadan going? Don't you think they going wayyy too fast?! I do! Okay so in this post I will be adding some of most random-est pictures that I've taken.... Yeahh!
Shoes! love doing this for no apparent reason :p

That's Some thing I do almost all the time! And Hey This picture was taken in the college DURING the lecture ;)  Guess which shoes are mine? quite easy by the way :p
Height of randomness, that's moon shining between two wires.

chemistry lab, Is'nt that flame cute?! :)

lab again!

Cup cakes by me :D
Okay So these were the randoms...
I love clicking pictures of anything and every thing..... I sorta get crazzy when I have camera in my hands... I can not assure anyone of good photography but I can assure that I won't miss the big moment snaps and every action would be in my camera...
I take the pictures of any objects just lying around or of the chocolate that i'm addicted with or of the food that I really reaallyy love and I want to picture-ise it so that I can look at it later and say 'wee-haww I ate that thing!' I even take the photo of my phone from someone else's phone (crazzy, ain't it?)
PS these pics were taken through my phone, sorry about the quality.
PPS That's all for now!

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!


  1. That Smiley Face Socks One Is Your Foot? :o I Used to Take Pics Too, It Was Fun. :D + Those Muffins Look So Awesome. :3

    1. Nope, completely wrong! :D
      Why you USED to?! Why not now?
      + thankyou, Sister in law also did a lot of work in those! :)

    2. Then The White One Must Be Yours Since It's The Only Forever Alone Guy In There, Those Smiley Face Socks Are So Awesome. :D

      I Don't Do It Now Because I'm Bored. :P

    3. Yes, I'm the white guyish one :p
      Smiley face socks are my friend's! :D
      How can you get bored with something so awesome?! :D

    4. Do you read and comment on every single blog this religiously or I'm the blessed one? :D just wondering...

    5. Haye, You're The Blessed One. :P The Glorious Blessed Blogger Blessed By The Comments Of Daniyal The Magnificent. :D

    6. Wooo'w Shukriya phir tou! :p

    7. bas aap ki duaon ka nateeja hai. :P

    8. Mujhay ab lagnay laga hai ye apka favourite jumla hai :p

    9. Nahin Is Ke Ilava Bhi Buhat, You Don't See Me Speaking Lots Of Jumlas. :P

  2. OH boy! oh boy! chemistry lab, I love the colors of the numerous chemicals and the experimenting. The muffins look good, I wanna eat all of em up.

    1. Hahaa Yea, Lab is fun but very exhausting too!
      Hey Thanx! :)


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