Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Thousand Things Run Through My Mind

Sometimes, a deep pain that makes my soul cringe.

Sometimes, anger that speaks non-sense.

Sometimes, a moment of love that lights up the whole world.

Sometimes, a hurting tear that tells a thousand stories.

Sometimes, a deep thought, worring about someone who is far far away.

Sometimes, a baby's smile, that came upon the angelic face.

Sometimes, a happy giggle that leaves it's effect on me forever.

Sometimes, a feeling of peace and thankfulness that Dear God is always there for me.

Sometimes, a rebelliousness that makes me want to run away.

Sometimes, a submission, to the One we will return to.

Sometimes, an empty mind, with no thinking and feeling just like a clean sheet of paper!


  1. This Post So Much Reminds Of A Poem. :D Nice Post.

  2. Good post. I wish my head could be like a clean piece of paper sometimes, get rid of all the worries and be happy

    1. Thanks!
      Yes But what I actually wanted to define in the line was Getting rid of every thing, all emotions all worries everything! just being Empty!

  3. sorry for getting back to you, so late.
    youre a nice writer. keep it up. :)

  4. Thankyou, Please keep visiting! :)

  5. A tear defining a thousand stories. Best line!


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