Sunday, 25 November 2012

Award, Yayyy!!!

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings!
                                             Crystal gave me the Sunshine Award. Thankyou Crystal! It's wonderful!

When I read this name sunshine, I remembered when I was little, there used to be a poem or a character or something I don't exactly remember and it was called Little Miss Sunshine. That was the first thought that jumped into my mind when I read this.
Here are the questions she asked:

 )I've been having some pretty crazy dreams lately. What's the craziest dream you've ever had?

I've had many and I dont remember most of them either :p
but I remember this one crazy dream I am in one birthday party and there are bunties in bunches on the ground and I find money below them :p then I start looking for money behind every bunch and my brother helps me out with that, I know it's pretty crazy lol. :D 

2.) What are your dreams or goals in life?
To become an artist. 

3.) What's your favorite Christmas Movie?
I don't remember any but i have seen christmas movies.

4.) If you could spend a year traveling, what state or country would you go first and why?
To Saudia Arabia to perform Umrah. I have a huge desire to perform Hajj and Umrah. After that to Zurich.


5.)Who's your favorite literary icon/hero and why?
I've not read much till now... I have come across some characters but some how they could'nt get to the Heroic place. Not yet. No hero.

6.)What's the one song that you secretly sing aloud when no one's watching.. or listening?
I sing almost every song out loud so there's absolutely none that I would want to sing secretly.

7.)How do you wind down after a long hard day?
 I come home, usually take something to eat before going to my room I eat in my room, read a book in my bed and then I drive to the valley of dreams.

8.)What's your favorite sound?
A baby's laugh. I so love it!

9.)City life or Country life? What do you find most appealing about
it and why?
City life because I'm used to it. I love the chaotic busy life when you've no time for any extra thing. 

10. What are you thankful for? 
For everything! what is there to not be thankful for? Even from mistakes and troubles I learnt alot, I am thankful for everything!

I want to pass it on to Daniyal Asif and Furree Katt. 

My questions for you are:

What is your favourite book?

What is your craziest childhood memory?

Your favourite time of the day?

Your favourite season?

Uptill now which birthday has been most fun and why? (all apologies to Furree for what happened with her :p )

The song that you always hum when you're doing something?

Your first ever writing that you wrote?

How did you start blogging ?
The craziest thing you've done uptill now? 

The best moment of your life?

Over and out with a promise to bring some thing good to you next time!


  1. I Was Going To Come Here And Rant On How You Are Getting Tagged By People And How I Never Get Tagged By Others. :P Awesome. Gonna Do This Now, you Might Want To Visit The Person Inspired By Daniyal Today.

  2. I loved your answers but one stood out the most about the reading! I'm gonna throw out some names here, and when you get the chance you should definitely look them up, you can find a lot of information about them online too.. so here goes, Shakespeare, Earnest Hemingway, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Jane Austin.. These are just to name a few!! These are just a few of the big, "Literary hero's" of our time! They literally made history!! They changed the literary world with their works and helped paved the way for folks like us so you should definitely look them up!! Oh and the baby's laughter! I love love love love to hear my children laugh!! Laughter is the best thing in the world!!! I am so glad you finally posted your answers!! And you wear the sunshine award so well!!! Looks really good!!!

    1. I Wish I Could Like This Comment. Awesome Authors. :')


    2. @ crystal, Thankyouuuuuuu so much, that is just so sweet of you! :)

      @ Daniyal Haiyyyy That Ain't Facebook :D :p lol
      I'll visit soon and let you know!

    3. Daniyal I read that Poem, It is simply amazing!

  3. great post friends


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