Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sometimes In Life...

Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings,
                           Sometimes forcing ourselves on something does not help us in getting it done. You can restrict yourself but it does'nt help. Sometimes, giving 100% is out of choice and if you put alot of effort for it, you only end up getting headaches and alot of stress. Sometimes giving 100% is not even necessary, you only just need to put as much as you want to, be it 100 or 25%. I agree, there is always a choice to choose from, but at the same time, those choices don't help you.

 Sometimes, you fail at understanding. That is one time, you should stop saying anything, you should just shut-up, hold hands and listen.

 Life is not about always winning, sometimes, it is about sitting back after a long long time and enjoy letting someone else win and you, you can always win at some other part.

          Dreams and Aspirations never die,
          No matter how hard you try

 Your heart always makes you think of them. You can't fool yourself saying 'I can live without it' or 'I can do it later'.

 Every time you think you've been understood, think twice, sometimes you get wrong ideas.
You can always try, it doesn't guarantee that you can always win. Sometimes you stop caring, you are'nt even living, you're only breathing. You stop caring about anything and everything. You stop thinking about consequences. Like a robot, you just do things.

 Look at someone who's smiling or laughing, I bet you won't know if it is fake or really from the heart. These days, it is harder to do something that your heart urges to, faking emotions is much easier, even though it is not.

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time.


  1. belive me you ve been understood,but won't support because currently supporting your emotions ll bring nothing good but the other way around.Had never stressed upon trying hard befor...but just this time.Hope ll see ur comment atleast after 20 days.Whatever the result going to be there are people out there to support you DON'T YOU DARE TO FORGET.please be obedient to me;)

  2. A really good post. Kafi serious baaton pe roshni daali hai apne tou. But i would say that sometimes its alright to be fake cuz some people dont deserve that you show them your real self. You may disagree with me but im just saying this, and i m not trying to convince you of anything.


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