Thursday, 13 December 2012

I did not mean it, I swear I did not.

Okay So This all Anon thing, It's getting messy. It's doing something that I'd never want.
I'm posting this for my BFF .

I'am Really really sorry. Actually very sorry. I know we could'nt communicate better and things got messy and bad and hurting. I never wanted it to be. Every thing I ever did was never intended to hurt you in anyway. I can't afford to hurt you. 
That Post, I've deleted it okay, I'll be careful next time. 
Unintentionally I hurt, even made you cry. I know that. I'm sorry. I'm extremely sorry. I never wanted to. I never can. You're too precious for me. Remember, That IF anyone anywhere will try messing up with you will have to go through me first. I will be standing up for you, Speaking for you, Fighting for you.
I will be doing all that I can, for You.
I did not know you won't get what I mean and things will turn in an entirely different way that I'd never even thought of. All those misunderstandings... Lets throw them to hell.
Words can't explain what I feel right now. Nothing can.
I love you with all my heart and you're the best person I have in my life. That's the reason I've shared this blog with you and no one else. You understand me, listen to me, stay by my side. thankyou for all that. Everything is acknowledged and appreciated. I'm... I'm just sorry. I can't think right right now. I can't think.

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