Thursday, 13 December 2012

I Might Be The most frustrated person right now. For the first time I can't get it across my friends mind.


  1. Take A Few Minutes Of Time And You'll See The Ropes Untangling Themselves. The Frustration Is Just Momentarily. If You Have A Problem, Solve It At Time When The Frustration Is A Little Low, It Makes Decisions Better. And If You Need A Better Evaluation, Try And Think Of Categorizing Those Two Factors, One In Which Matters And The Other In Which Doesn't. [Well, That's Just Heck Of My Theory.]

  2. Relax. She'll understand it if you guys are that close. I have no idea what happened since I read your blog after days. However, I hope Allah helps you in distress (: love x

    1. No body has any Idea :p I don't post my personal life much on the blog.
      Thankyou!! :)


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