Wednesday, 13 February 2013

All over again

Don't you feel, we're losing it,
Don'tyou feel, we're getting apart,
Don't you feel, we're just not the same,
Don't you feel, it's all on the edge now,
So, come to me, I yearn for you
Hold me tight, keep me in your arms,
Make me the same,
Make me yours, All Over Again!

Thursday, 20-9-2012

Initially I did not want to post this, but now I am.
It's an incomplete piece I wrote in my genetics class last year. I have an odd habit of writing things down with date, day and even TIME!!
I hope I will get appreciation and positive criticism will be highly appreciated from you guys!
P.S I feel happy to be back here again! I missed my place!

Over and Out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!


  1. I really like it, the rythm to it is perfect!
    And it's a really good hing that you write it down with the date, day and time. I always wanted to do that because then somehow you feel connected with it better. I always forget to add dates even when I do want to! :P

  2. i totally feel you, my friend! hahaha. i have that habit too...writing random thoughts down (sometimes in tissues or even crumpled papers, or whatever is available!), with dates and timestamps...haha. it's cute! :) nice poem btw. so full of emotions... :')

    1. SAME, ditto... I write them down on a tissue as well sometimes!! and thanks :)

  3. You should be thankful for that habbit.. there's so many things that I wrote years ago.. and I have no clue as to when I wrote them.. I can sometimes remember the year.. if that. So atleast you can look back and say, I know what I was thinking and feeling that day.. Lucky you!!! I thought it was lovely.. "Come and make me yours again." I think that sums it up very nicely..

    1. Actually I never remember the feeling :p but somehow i connect with the writings! :)
      Thankyou Yes it kinda does!


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