Monday, 22 April 2013

Power does'nt mean you can do anything to anyone.

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings,
                                                   Today was a lovely day. It seldom pours in Karachi and when it does Karachiites go wild! People here are freaking fun loving! Come and see for yourself!
But then there are people, Who make wrong use of their posts, what ever post they're on.
Today when I was returning from my college, I was sitting in my car talking to my brother, when suddenly a silver corolla passed by, number plate AUG ***  in Full speed, splashing all dirty rain water on me. When my brother stopped the car. He said he did not do it, my brother was in rage because this was so ridiculous act, my brother argued and said he should see around when he drives, the man in corolla said: "aap jaantay hain main kaun hun?" ["do you know who am I."] This made my brother stop and go silent. he just stared at him for a while. Obviously my brother did not wanted us in any trouble. When he drove past us, Corolla driver stopped his car and said I did not know may be I did that and blah blah . Of course elections are near and they have to care, though I do not know He belongs to a govt. post or a political party but I just think he does. He Still just only admitted Never Apologized.

I was outraged when he gave the statement of Do you know who am I. I hate it when people make wrong use of their positions and posts. I mean, if you're powerful, it really does'nt mean you can use your power illegal any where, anytime. This has to stop. This has to be questioned. This has to get noticed.

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