Monday, 22 April 2013

Things, People, Moments, Emotions.

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings!

How have you all been? How has life been... Sorry I have forgotten how to start.. And sorry for being away for such a long while.. Well now I am here.. Let's talk!
There are some people, who try to bring you down, who make false stories and try poisoning your people, they will do it even when you have nothing against them, when you have been only good towards them, they'll still do this, just to do this. 
And then there are people who, no matter what, stick to you, stay with you, those are the people who'll always trust you, these are the people we should all recognize in our lives and we should let them know that they matter to us. We should thank God for blessing us with those people. We should cherish our moments with them. Life may not give you many chances to make sure your people know that you value them, so let them know.

There're moments in life when you think you're one lucky gem, when you think you've been blessed, when you think life has so much to offer. We should all absorb those moments. We should all hold onto them.

Love the moments, love people and make sure you always stay thankful for them. These are things in life which sometimes go un noticed... I think they should'nt.

And who ever here is reading this blog, this particular post: You're this one amazing person, stay awesome and love things around you and Smile!

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