Thursday, 16 May 2013

Simple Blabber.

Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings People!
                                                  How have you all been?
I wanted to write about my teacher today. She's my Favorite person on earth! She's a role model. She's just the way a teacher is supposed to be. I love her. And oh! I wrote a letter for her as well but I'm just going to keep it in my diary... I'm a chicken, yes. I can't just go and give it to her and tell her I am really inspired by her, too shy to do it.

When it comes to expressing, I express by writing, I can't speak but I can write.I can pour all my feelings down on a piece of paper but i can't say in person. That is odd but that is how it is.

 This is my last year of college and I usually try ignoring the thought. But when ever I think about it I get all-emo. I never thought I would get emotional for leaving that place or I'd even get attached to it in a year's time!I'm going to miss it alot. I am going to make most of it. I'll not miss a single day that we can have fun on. I'll try talking to the class counselor's group for arranging a party.I will, as per my habit, always portray teachers' particular habits in parody. I would kidnap my friends and take them for lunch some day(hopefully). I will do so much this year.

I have'nt written in long time. College is getting harder. But I'll try writing a good piece soon INSHALLAH!



  1. You sound familiar. :P It takes a lot of courage for me, too, to speak up. I also prefer to write or keep it to myself.

    1. Oh us! the chickens of Blog-world. :D


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