Sunday, 19 May 2013


You, with your soul and your heart,
You, with your body and your mind,
You, with your words and your phrases,
You, with your pen and your paper,
You- the solitary one.

You, without wishes, without dreams
You, without aims, without aspirations
You, without feelings, without emotions
You- the plain one.

You, too dependant
You, with too many expectations
You, keeping things back.

But   You- Still holding on
        You- Still keeping hope
        You- Still going on
        You- Still smiling
        You- Still staying same
        You- Still caring
        You- Still too loving
        You- Still Being you
        You- The Amazing YOU!


  1. you with your amazing blog,
    you with your amazing poetry
    you with your amazing posts,
    great work :)
    refreshing :)

  2. i think i have already commented on this blog and now my comment has vanished :(

    1. It did not vanish.. I've turned on comment moderation. :)


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