Sunday, 20 October 2013

Story of September

Assalam O alaikum and Greetings Everyone!
                     I know I have been away for so many days, I am so busy right now! Haunted by finals, but I have had alot of fun too! I have enjoyed September and October ALOT-
So let me tell you the list of things I got to do and that made me happy as a bee:

  • Mid-night birthday chants
  • A bouquet 
  • Wishes coming true
  • Lunch TWICE with the best friends 
  • Shopping with buddies
  • Magical, magical, totally amazing blessed hugs!!! 
  • Favourite person on earth appreciating the deeds
  • A surprise gift!
  • Cakes
  •  Baby girl born to a great friend!
  •  Bought shoesssss!! (I love buying shoes)
  •  Planned some great stuff with best friend
 And I stay in the happy bubble foreverrrr.. So it's pretty much Still new and I still have those same tingly happy feelings! Ahh Thankyou God for all of this and everything else!

My finals are near and I am dreading them. Also I have had the last day of my college and it was weird going out of that door and knowing you're never going to do this again the same way. I will be having my farewell soon too. As much as I am hating to leave the college I can proudly say I have had totally amazing years here and I have made moments memorable. Specially in the last year I did everything I wanted to do. I have a crazy best friend who was there in everything I did. I enjoyed and loved those moments.


  1. So glad to hear that you are enjoying your time. Best of luck for the finals. Wish me luck too. :D

    1. Thankyou.. :D
      Yes, All the best for your SAT and everything else..
      How is it going with the tutor? Still working or left it for SAT classes?

  2. Masha'Allah! Stay happy and blessed.


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