Saturday, 26 October 2013

To You, With Love And Respect, Me.

That smile of yours sweeps my feet away,
Your hug, like an assurance of being safe,
Your eyes that hold so much love,
Are like diamonds shining bright,
The way you walk,
Feels like a definition of grace,
The way you talk,
Feels like a melody so sweet,
No matter, how much I try,
Thankyou won't ever be enough,
For, everything you do is way too special,
And talk about paybacks?
That is'nt even possible!

This is a dedication to a person, who is generous, gracious and kind, who I love and admire and respect ALOT, who has a HUGE importance in my life. And As I have said.. Thankyou will never be enough. Today was special, Alhumdulillah!


  1. Your admiration for this person is very much evident in your words. It is a wonderful thing to be inspired by someone we look up to. :-)

  2. Hello Rafyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Lalalalalalalalalala. i hope I don't annoy you. :P See you on my blog too! :D


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