Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hey, Facebookers

To everybody who is here through my status,
Boo yaaahhhhh!! :D
Yes, Here this is, my place.
I know it's a bit too late to be telling you (soon-to-be-two-years Precisely)
But I have never been a very open person. I have always been shy and reserved about my writings and drawings. Before you point out a mistake, do know, that I am still new at this. Before you say its good.. well.. go ahead and say because I know I am awesome! :D
Thankyou that you dropped by, mushkil waqt mein wesay bhi apnay hi kaam atay hain, aap logon k anay se meray pageviews aur khoon dono bohat barhay hain, Shukriya! :D
Aur ye k itni casual posts main yehan kerti nahien hun, yahan meri shakhsiyat khaasi mukhtalif hai, Magar for you... :p
Now that you are here, explore, I hope you all will like it, not that it is extra amazing or that I write real good. But only because this place is created with hope, dreams and love.


  1. its a nice and creative hobby ....
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    1. I will, Soon INSHALLAH thanks for dropping by.

  2. God to see you back here! :)


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