Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Cruel Heartaches

Headaches are curable... Gulp down two paracetamols and you are on the go...
Its the heartaches... They cant be cured... One has to go through all of it's dark phases, and at times, alone. It's the deep, raw, dark kind of pain that doesn't go away. That renews itself with every event. Thats one quality of it. Heartaches never go away, never fade in the background, never leave. Heartaches dont leave scars, they stay. Mostly, they deepen with the circumstances. They make sure, you dont forget them. Even in the happiest of times, these perhaps become the reason that you dont say it's perfect, because at the peak of your happiest laughter, there's a heartache that reminds you of itself.
Your glories, mights, powers, all surrender when, in your heart, there is a weeping, striking, drowning ache.
At times, these heartaches are so mean, they dont let you share them with any other soul. They make you the soul holder of them. They are strange, powerful. They rule over you, in lonliness, in crowds, in happiness, in sadness. They become a part of you. They make sure to get included in every phase of your life. They make sure you remember them. They are treacherous, cold, feroucious,  unyielding. They are heartaches...

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