Saturday, 28 July 2012

Happiness is inside YOU!

Greetings And Assalam o aliakum!
       So, people how are you guys?? Ramadan are going busy and I'm loving it- These days everything seems so peaceful and nice... Today i wanted to talk about joy... Why is it that we find joy in things, I once read somewhere
                              " Joy is not in things, it is within You"
But I think we find joy when we buy a new phone or when we go Abroad for summer trips or what so ever... I see people being happy on these and that too, the happiness dies so soon, as a moment later they crave for newer things... Why dont we stay happy because we are alive today and can see our loved ones happy, because we're alive and are able to see, walk, eat and listen, because we just ate a meal that many people don't even know this dish exists, because we got one more day to bow our heads down in front of ALLAH and pray! Why are'nt these the reason of our happiness?! We're getting faker day by day I guess!!
This materialistic happiness is also the one which leads us to the lack of contentness! If we're happy for real reasons, We might stay content always!
Let's be happy...
Let's be happy that we have Our siblings even if we fight with them and not only fight we also cover up for them in front of our parents, let's be happy because we have our parents with us, let's be happy because we've the most awsome-est best-est friends and nobody knows us better then them, Lets be happy because our lives are enriched with beautiful people, let's be happy because we all have our blogs and we can never explode out emotionally, lets be happy because we are all humans and can live a better life, let's be happy because a baby smiled when he saw your face today! Let's just be happy!!


  1. I Don't Remember If Buying A New Phone Or going Somewhere Ever Made Me Happy. If I'm Happy I'll Be Happy For No Reason, But It Won't Last long Just Like My Sadness Doesn't Long

    1. Then think yourself as an exception! mostly people do get happy on materialistic fulfilments.

  2. This is Dunya everything here ends sooner or later but the point is that you stay content with what you have and thank Allah for it. Being too materialistic is just being too fake. Oh well, great post.


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