Saturday, 14 July 2012

And Then They Left...

And then he let her go,
not that he was holding her hands,
but his eyes were giving expressions,
as if it was time to go

They looked at each other,
for one last time,
She looked pale,shattered and longing,
as if she might run to him and hug him

She never wanted to let go,
never wanted to lose it,
never wanted to see him apart from herself
but never showed it...

She wished for all this,
may be she'll be happy now,
she can't compromise,
His thoughts were totally different about her

Nobody expressed and nobody shared,
they left each other in the snowfall that day,
with fake smiles,
trying to show they're okay with it

But neither of them were okay
They were'nt leaving each other,
but they were leaving their souls,
leaving their hearts and leaving their lives,
out of their body

without that hug or holding hands,
with the fake strong looks on their faces,
they tried to show they're not weak

And then they left...


  1. Emotions, So Beautifully Defined With Words. You Rock[or Paper or Scissor]. :D

    1. :D, Thankyou So much! :) It's a pleasure!

  2. Emotional hathyachaar... even though i hate emotions lately..but beautifully written... hope you keep on writing :)

    found your blog through Mishi :)

    1. thankyou :)
      Hope mishi will also be back soon! :)


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