Monday, 10 September 2012

FReakinG 19 YeArS Olddd!!!

Assalam O aliakum And greetings!
            How are you all doing? I'm doing perfectly awesome ALHUMDULILAH :D
Yeah so this post is about my Birthday! Yeaaahhh... I am now 18 19 YEARS OLD! It seems quite Adult adult now! When I hear the words 19 years for my self I suddenly feel like an older and perhaps more mature person. This is my last teenage year... After this year I'll never be able to go back to the teenage again and live that life.. I want to enjoy this year as much as I can. I will miss my old days too, as there are certain things that I won't be doing now but i will concentrate more on what I would be doing from now on.... Life is just the same, my mind, my thinking and the way I look at things has changed. My perception of things has changed. And I think I'm welcoming all these changes warm heartedly and loving them too. I'm enjoying the time!
This birthday was the most coolest-est birthday I could ever have... My friends made my day.. we had fun and enjoyed ourselves... we were these four crazy lunatics roaming around the city... That was the day I lived each moment rejoicing and smiling... I've lived those moments!! And for my friends though they won't be reading my blog but to them: This is coming straight from my heart I love you guys, thankyou making me feel so special and for doing what you did. Thankyou for being there, always. Thankyou for just being you. You constitute half of my world and mean a lot to me, even more than you can imagine!
Rest is all good, I think I'm too emotional for now to write anymore...

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!
And here are the songs that I'm currently obsessed with  these days:
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  1. Ah, That's So Cool. Happy Birthday To You. I'll Be Turning 12 Tomorrow & That'll Be My Last Unteenage Year So I gotta Prepare For All That Jazz. I Hope You Had Lots & Lots Of Fun. :D

  2. You Just Cannot be turning 12 tommorow, don't lie! :D
    prepare for all the jazz no matter what age you'rre turning to! Yes I had a lot of fun! And Thankyou :)

    1. Believe In Me, I'm Truth. :3 I Turned 20 Yesterday, Today I'll Be 11, Tomorrow I'll be 12. What A Stuck In Time Misfortune.

    2. Ufff, You're a difficult Math equation!
      And No I don't believe in you, please do read my next post... It is important!

  3. Happy Birthday to you. Have a very very happy and awesome last teenage year. Its so bad that time never goes back and you can never be in the old days and be younger and do the foolish things young people do.

  4. Happy Birthday to you.
    Thanks for your lovely comment.

    Care to follow back?

    1. Thankyou :)

      Already Following you ♥●• İzdihër •●♥ :):)


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