Saturday, 29 September 2012

I protest!

I protest, Yes I do... I protest against the movie that (Nauzubillah) makes fun of our Last Prophet Sallala ho Alaih Wasalm. I condemn it and all other acts that hurt Muslim or any other community's believes.
I'm deeply hurt and offended. Yes I am. It's not your so called 'freedom of speech'... you got freedom of speech but not freedom to hurt and offend anyone... your speech or actions should not be the reason for anyone's pain.
My religion Islam, My holy Book Quran and My Prophet Sallala ho Alaih e Wasallam are my pride. I or any other Muslim will never allow anyone to disgrace it.
My Religion: My pride!
ALHUMDLILLAH that I'm born a Muslim!
May ALLAH bless everyone with Hidayah! Ameen

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