Monday, 17 September 2012

Just a Bit Something!

Assalam O Alaikum And Greetings!

Here I am again! These days I'm in love with Halal/Peki cakes... I eat them every evening. I think my junk intake has become more then it ever was, because I eat junk in college and then cakes at home. This all results in No More Hungry and the home made food does not make it for my tummy!
I think I should try to eat more healthy.
I'm a bit excited as specimen have arrived in college and tommorow is a Dissection LAbbb!!! I'm Excited because it'll be first dissection other then frogs and roaches and worms! I hope my teacher puts some efforts in the demonstration because seriously- I don't understand a word she utters in the labs! Lucky, she does'nt take any of our theory classes! She does'nt seem to even try to make any efforts in getting her point across the students' minds! I wish we had other teacher!
There's a stock of work to do now a days and there's a constant burden on my mind...
My Love!

I've no time for reading these days, Sigh!
I'm loving it!
Coffee season is nearrr.. Yayyy! :D
I once read a book about Lady Diana, I think She was Beautiful!

P.S don't forget to make Dua for my teacher pleasee!!

Over and Out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!


  1. My Internet Is Going Slow So I Can't See The Pics. :[ Well Have Fun At Labz, Cheer Phaar Ke Rakh Do Experiment Pe. :P

    1. han cheer phaar tou dia but samajh kuch nahien aya as expected!

    2. Do You Have An Account On Goodreads? :3

  2. Aray ziada cake na khaiye warna moti hojaein gi. Phir Heart attack, stroke and brain hemorrhage ka bhi khatra ho sakta hai jis kay sabab app mar mara jaein gi aur mein aisa bilkul nahi chahta kyun kay I love your blog. Keep blogging and plz avoid dying :)

    1. Hahaa.. No Atleast I wont die of eating meetha!


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