Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dedication For Ridxy :)

Assalam O alaikum and Greetings!
                                     Today's post is dedicated to Ridx... yep It's a dedication [ It's my first dedication to any one on blog, lets see how it turns out]
As we All know RIDX is ABANDONING BLOGGING!!! Means We will no more be able to read thoughts converted into words so beautifully that we always ended up praising the writer. I'll miss that Ridx. I truly will.
                                       To You Ridx I wanna say that You are an amazing writer and I've learnt alot from you. Whenever I saw your post in my list I'd be delighted and go 'wow! Ridx has a new post!' You are creative and you have Aspired a lot of people to write better. I'm one of those people who, read your writings and Completely fell in love with them. I love how you posted a lot of sweet pictures in your posts. It made your post colourful and attractive. Your blog's look is very Awesome! You spread positive energy and smile around blogger. You are a gem. Please always always be the same way. You're one of the sweetest people I know. You try helping in every way you can, that's what I really like about you.
                               You are a very awesome and amazing person. I hope and pray that you view peaks of success and true happiness in your life! Ameen :)
                                  All of us will miss you and your blog Alot- *Bear Hug*

I wanted to add 2 songs for you but can't and you know why... so quoting one of them here:

Baby you're a Firework,
Com'on show 'em what you're worth,
Make 'em go 'Oh oh oh'
As you Shoot across the sky-y-yy

Complete lyrics:
Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colours burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh"
You're gonna leave 'em all in "awe, awe, awe"


Like a lightning bolt, your heart will glow
And when it's time, you'll know




  1. OMG. im seriously flattered. Am i awesome? :D

    u made me awesome. u read my posts and thought they were worthy of some praise. :')

    i ll print this note and stick it somewhere. :D I love this so so so much. xD

    and thanks for the dedications. i love fireworks <3


    1. Yes, you are awesome! :)
      Your posts were so awesome to read
      Thakyou for lovin it, it was written with pure feeligs! <3
      You're welcome! I love it too!!

  2. Hello. Nice blog. Following it...

  3. I know the feeling Rafya, recently a blogger friend of mine decided to take a break from blogging.. his poetry is very beautiful and he always had a knack for bringing other writers together through his monthly prompts. No one has heard from him.. Hopefully soon, he will make a comeback! You're a great friend for posting this.. may you be blessed and your friend as well!

    1. Yea... And Ridx was one of the first few followers who appreciated me and encoureged me to write more

    2. And I hope your blogger friend comes back soon :)


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