Saturday, 13 October 2012

Malala Yousufzai And Arfa Kareem

Assalam O Aliakum And Greetings!
       This post is dedicated to Malala Yousuzai And to Arfa Kareem. Both of them so young and brilliant persons. Although Arfa Kareem is not with us anymore but her dreams, aspirations and intellect surrounds us. She was so beautiful. I loved her eyes and there was a unique shine in them. She was a gem we are fortunate enough to have had. May her soul rest in peace and may one of us bring reality to her dreams for Pakistan. Ameen.
Malala is  another example of someone who is brave, beautiful and very intelligent, however, those who shot her are the most cowardest people. They are deprived people. Deprived of knowledge, deprived of religion and deprived of hidayah. I hope and pray to ALLAH SWT that she gets well soon and continue her journey towards knowledge, for herself and for others. Malala Don't you worry lil' sis, mine and so many other people's prayers are with you and together we will see the realisation to your dreams. Malala, one brave girl who is a role model for many. Our government and officials are hopeless people so I won't say anything to them. Only people can bring a change if they want to. People like Malala, people like Arfa, people like Ali Moeen and so many others who go un noticed can bring a good change.
I request all of you to please pray for quick recovery of Malala.

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!


  1. She is a valuable asset of our beloved Pakistan and the ones who shot her, do not have even a single speck of humanity in them. I pray she gets well soon and achieves whatever she craves to achieve and make all us Pakistanis proud :)

  2. May Allah bless Malala with health and life. Great post!


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