Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Eid And the Picnic

Assalam O Alaikum and Greetings!

Eid Mubarak People!! okay, A belated one!! :D
My eid was splendid and wonderful, on day 1 we were done with our animal and the giving off meat. Day 2 was a family get together at my place. Day 3 was awesome , amazing and just wonderful. This year has been so good Alhumdulillah. I went to the sea side on day 3. Went to Sandspit. I had whole loadsss of fun. I collected sea shells, took crazzy stupid family pics and enjoyed alot!
Here are some pictures that I'd show you! :)


Sea shell

And I collected these, the red and purple one is so different AND beautiful!

OK I confess I'm not a very good photographer but I love to take photos anyway!

Found this kingfisher on our way near the mangrooves... It was beautiful!

I love picnics!

So that was How I celebrated Eid. I did not put on any mehndi (henna) again. This eid is always more of a animal-sacrifice major rather then concentrating on our dresses and all. We din't really made alot of preparation to get ourselves ready but we did put alot of efforts in the kitchen with the nihari , biryani, pulao and how can I forget Kaleji! So I did not do any shopping for eid for my self this time. But my Eid was fun filled AND CHOCLATE FILLED TOO! I am eating alot of chocolate these days! I have a sweet tooth... I crave for sweet after every few days.

P.S Local govt. did a good job with taking away the garbage and cleaning up after eid!

Over and out with a promise to bring something good to you next time!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to follow!! These pictures are very beautiful! I've never been to an ocean before, but used to when I was a kid, I'd find seashells at flea markets.. for 50cent to a dollar or two.. I bet there's nothing like going out and finding them and just taking them home with you! They're very beautiful! I like your blog too!! Hope you have room for one more follower! ;)

    1. Thank you!
      I love collecting seashells and taking them home, I decorate my aquarium with them :D
      Going to the sea side with family is an amazing experience, try it sometime I bet you'll enjoy it alot!

      I have room for a zillion more followers :D
      Welcome to my blog! :)

  2. belated eid mubarrak

    nice post with scenic view mashaAllah.

  3. Aww, That's So Beautiful. =^_^=

    1. Thanks, see now you're back, pehlay ghayab thay :D

    2. bari ajeeb baat hai, har koi yehi farma raha hai meray baray main. :D Chalo ab maan leta hun. :3 So What're You Upto Nowadays?

    3. You tell where have you been all this time?

  4. khair mubarak.

    i love the purple shell! it's so cool.
    you know, once i went to french beach and there was this amazing coral there, it was like, beige and black and it had a really cool design. when i showed the coral to my dad, he was like "beta, yeh kisi hut ka tile hai, coral nahi" and i was like LOL WTF!!!

    1. Hahahahaha....!
      P.S you completely got me lolified with your post first & then password protecting it! :D

  5. Love the ocean... im like yours, just loved taking pictures evenif my camera is not that hightech, atleast we have something to share...

    Keep it up. BTW, i joined your blog.. I hope you will join my blog too.


  6. Its good to know that you had a good Eid. May all the eids in your life be amazing. Btw, I had a good eid too. It was very different from all the previous Bakra eids and i enjoyed a lot. And you have done quite a good job with your camera, What makes you say that you aren't a very good photographer?
    NICE POST!! :D


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