Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hate Crime against Muslims

Once again, my heart bleeds. Three young and innocent human beings were killed in a horrific terror attack in Chapel Hill. They were humans. They were Muslims. No body is batting an eye. They are not even calling that man a terrorist. Since the killer did not have a beard and those dead weren't non-Muslims, this news did not move the world. It was not made into any documentary. It simply did not matter as much. Reverse the scenario and the world would have gone crazy over it.
It was a hate crime. It was terrorism. I think some communities do need to go learn literacy, which, mind you, doesn't have anything to do with education. Mr. Hicks is an illiterate, hate filled, heartless person.

Why is it, that death of Muslims, be it any part of the world, does not matter as much? Are Muslims less of a human being? Are they less of a living and breathing body? Are they simply, that unnecessary to be ignored?

Muslim lives matter. Muslim lives count. Muslim lives are necessary.
I protest against such brutal and heart wrenching terrorist attack.
I protest against hate crime.

I stand with the family of our young martyrs. May ALLAH grant the martyrs the highest place in Jannah, and their families, patience and peace.
I hope we get justice, In Sha ALLAH.

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  1. Very well said Rafia! Seriously, you are an astonishingly mighty writer!
    I'd like to add one thing, and that is in conjunction to what has been said by Allah in the glorious Qura'n ‘...dis believers can never be your friends until you follow in their steps'
    Needless to say, superb writeup; great expression of productive thoughts. I'm glad that the Muslim Ummah has girls like you! Stay in peace. :-)


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