Friday, 6 February 2015

My Lip Gloss Smile

I'd cry a thousand cries,
And you wouldn't know,
I'd laugh a thousand laughs,
And you wouldn't know,
Not that you don't look,
You look, but you don't see,
And I can put up,
My best show,
My glittering lip gloss smile,
My perfect shiny eyes,
And my looks would betray,
the feelings of my heart,
Because, for anyone who,
Looks but doesn't see,
Hears but doesn't listen,
All I can share is,
My lip gloss smile!


  1. Awesome! Hope you get someone who see you and listen you.
    Perfectly written! Superb way of expression. Great thoughts! Amazing lady!

  2. so beautifully written, as always...


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